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DeskPack turns Adobe® Illustrator® into full-fledged packaging applications with a set of modules that fits any prepress environment. Deskpack is a collection of packaging prepress plugins for Adobe® Illustrator®. With these plugins, Adobe® Illustrator® becomes full-fledged packaging prepress applications. Using Esko’s pre-production knowledge, you can now boost productivity and reduce errors while working in your favorite design application.


Plug-ins for any prepress environment
The DeskPack plugins fit any prepress environment. From importing structural design files (CAD data), over trapping production files, all the way up to creating repetitions of print-ready production files, DeskPack offers the best packaging solution to get the job done. The majority of Adobe® Illustrator® prepress modules will improve your capabilities of designing the right packaging for your products.

Adobe® Illustrator® prepress plugins
– DeskPack Essentials for Illustrator: offers essential prepress functionality: adding barcodes, do preflighting, adding white underprint, inspect your files using quality control filters, …
– Dynamic Barcodes: generates dynamic barcodes with assured printability
– PowerLayout for Illustrator: offers dedicated step and repeat functionality, combined with PDF import and the ability to add dynamic marks
– PowerTrapper for Illustrator: offers very powerful trapping and white underprinting functionality
– Dynamic Content: offers dedicated dynamic content functionality with dynamic barcodes, dynamic tables and dynamic information panels
– Dynamic VDP: allows you to easily create and work with Variable Data Printing jobs (VDP) on a digital printing press

These prepress plugins will improve any packaging pre-press process by boosting the productivity of standard Adobe® Illustrator® workstations. All of our Illustrator® packaging prepress plugins are suited for both Mac and PC. Discover all the Deskpack benefits!

Prepress in Adobe® Illustrator®
– Prepress operators can produce higher quality jobs in a shorter time.
– DeskPack plug-ins boost the prepress productivity of standard Adobe® Illustrator® workstations.
– Errors are detected as early as possible, reducing the cost to a minimum.
– All DeskPack modules have a proven ROI.
– All plug-ins have the Adobe® look and feel, there is a short learning curve and low training cost.
– With an increasing number of short print runs, DeskPack takes away the pressure from the prepress department.
– Tight integration with other Esko solutions: structural design, 3D visualization, Automation Engine.
– Software subscriptions offer distinct benefits: you have access to the latest version, you can adapt your subscription to your workload, there’s no large investment, and there are no maintenance fees…

Supported Operating Systems
– Windows 10/11
– Windows 8.1
– Windows 8
– Windows 7
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