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Continuously scans all of your hard drives, ensuring that every precious bit remains readable.


If something goes wrong with one of your drives, you will get notified immediately.
The StableBit Scanner supports these notification options:
Mobile device:
Pushover (Android and iOS).
NMA (Android).

Remote Control
Easily connect to any other copy of the StableBit Scanner running on your LAN.
Fully secure using standard Kerberos Windows Authentication.

Enhanced Cloud Integration
SMART analysis is tailored to your drive model.
SMART attributes are checked for out of the ordinary values that is specific to your drive model.
Maximum tolerances, such as the maximum operating temperature and the maximum load cycle count are based on manufacturer published specifications for your particular drive model.
Top notch support for SMART on SSDs.
Direct I/O for USB enclosures.
The method of communications with your USB enclosed is retrieved from the cloud.
Drive reliability information, including SSD specific data: *
Warranty period
Mean time to first failure (MTBF / MTTF)
Annualized failure rate (AFR)
Component design life (CDL)
SSD endurance, including total lifetime writes and GB of writes per day.
Maximum temperature

15 Themes
A theme will be automatically chosen to match the look of the OS, or you can choose any one that you like.
There are flat and glass UI themes available.
Touch friendly themes are also included.

File System Check
In addition to ensuring that every bit on your hard drives is readable, the StableBit Scanner will automatically check the integrity of your file systems and notify you as soon as any problems are found.
The file system check has its own health category in the overall status panel. This lets you see your file system health status at a glance.
The file system check is streamlined into the StableBit Scanner’s scanning engine. That means that you get the benefits of Background I/O, temperature equalization and overheat protections, even while scanning the file system.
The file system check is flexible, it has its own re-check interval, and can be disabled globally or per-disk.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.





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