BUW EMX (Expert Moldbase Extentions) for Creo 8.0 Multilingual

File Size: 437 MB

Creo Expert Moldbase Extension contains customized detailed slabs of slabs and individual elements from all leading suppliers, taking into account the requirements of the main standards in this area……….

What’s New
Add STRACK OXA plate size.
Add new Hasco components[RM-10793]: Z98HT, Z21, Z031, Z032, Z811HT, Z4501, Z458.
Update existing Hasco components: Z03, Z11, Z40, Z43, Z50, Z81, Z511, Z555, Z556, Z557, Z691, Z721, Z725, Z811, Z051, Z94, Z942, Z1212, Z1213, Z185, Z9430.
Remove obsolete Hasco components: K100, K1000, K107, K500, K501, K505, K506, TD(tubular dowel)
Add missing Meusburger cooling component E2101.[RM-10520]

Show Library Component Dialog again in case assemby references are not yet fully defined and user select OK button.[RM-11675]

Issue fixed: Missing translations in BOM column names.[SPR-12814097][RM-11863] Issue fixed: Copy drawing will not ignore for plates if option EMX_CHECK_DWG_TYPES is set to “-“.[RM-11674] Issue fixed: The assembly of the ejectors fails with different assembly directions for a reference part with the error “Cannot assemble the cutouts.”.[RM-11559][SPR-1241162] Issue fixed: Balloons can not be placed within local sections on drawing views.[RM-12050] Issue fixed: ibrary component fails to cut one of the parts.[RM-11393] Issue fixed: Message, which tells user that a guide or screw diameter is different compared to required diameter in moldbase defintion, is not informative.[RM-12088] Issue fixed: In case udf group is part of refrence pattern and leader group is not inside of model, UDF gets deleted while modifying component (e.g. second rail model)[RM-12087]


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