Siemens Syncrofit 16.4.3 for NX 12 – 2212 Series x64

西门子最新发布的Syncrofit™软件新增了紧固件布局和部件定型功能,可帮助飞机机身工程师将生成紧固件模型、完成初始部件定型、验证设计以及适应后续设计变更等步骤的时间最多缩短40%。面对飞机机身结构中数十万乃至数百万个紧固件,新版软件(Syncrofit 13 )免去了制造工程师手动验证它们是否按计划正确使用和机身总成是否符合设计要求等流程。此外,Syncrofit 13还拓展了与西门子 Teamcenter® 软件的集成能力。作为西门子产品生命周期管理(PLM)软件业务部提供的一款产品,Syncrofit™软件专用于复杂飞机机身总成和大型飞机结构的设计与制造。

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Syncrofit is an environment for automating the placement and selection of fasteners at the stages of design and technological preparation, performing design checks, describing the assembly process, as well as preparing data for equipment. Syncrofit can run NX CAD systems and CATIA V5.

Syncrofit allows you to set a parametric description of fasteners and fastener sets, select fasteners according to specified rules, check the compliance of spaced fasteners with fastener placement rules, describe the assembly process sequence, including technological operations, temporary fasteners and temporary holes. Syncrofit also allows you to prepare data for projectors and drilling machines and other equipment.

Features Syncrofit
Design preparation Parametric description of fasteners
Determination of package thickness for each fastener position
Selection of different types of fasteners according to different rules in accordance with the calculated package thickness
Description and creation of holes
Loading and positioning of solid fasteners Creation of
simplified fasteners edges of parts, step between fastening points and fastening seams, plunge into radii, etc.) Description of welded joints Modeling of tools Description of surface treatment Formation of the design specification of fasteners

Preparation of data for projectors, drilling machines and automated riveting systems
Technological preparation Description of the assembly sequence
Creation of individual operations and states
Creation of temporary fasteners
Creation of temporary holes
Formation of the production specification taking into account temporary fasteners

Benefits that Syncrofit provides
Significant reduction in time spent on fastener placement and selection
Reduced errors in fastener placement, modification, data preparation for production
Increased speed of changes
Reduced time required to verify the correct placement of fasteners
Full and accurate description of fasteners in the early stages of design
High level of specification of requirements to suppliers
Rapid preparation of data for various equipment

System requirements
Pre-installed Siemens NX 12-2212 Series with crowbar from SSQ


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