Tekla Structures 2021 SP12 x64 Multilingual

Tekla Structures是Tekla公司出品的钢结构详图设计软件。Tekla Structures的功能包括3D 实体结构模型与结构分析完全整合、3D 钢结构细部设计、3D钢筋混凝土设计、专案管理、自动 Shop Drawing、BOM 表自动产生系统。

File Size: 3.45 GB

At Tekla, innovation isn’t just a software update, or a new product or tool. It’s a mindset. A way of thinking. A willingness to question and challenge perception. It’s an enduring drive to find new ways to make the construction workflow, work better.The Tekla 2021 software releases are all about that mindset. With new features and enhancements to drive data-driven and connected workflows, you’ll experience faster modeling, simplified change management, enhanced usability and increased interoperability. We’ve also taken the best structural BIM software on the market, and made it more affordable, more accessible and more flexible than ever thanks to our new Tekla Structures 2021.

Features of 2021:

Simplify the creation of object lists with the new list manager
The list manager extension improves quality and productivity by enabling more efficient listing and reporting of Tekla model objects with fully trackable properties. Accuracy is assured and human error minimized to allow focus on productive detailing while Tekla manages the model.

Clarify numbering, marking and documentation with Curved & Similar Rebar Grouping
Minimize the amount of work you need to do in documentation and listing by combining curved marks into a single mark with sub ids. Building on the tapered group technology, we have provided more automation in the places you want it, but with added flexibility to change parameters on a rebar set level. Change how you group bars based on the geometry or project you’re working with to achieve the most productive, fabricatable detailing to date.

Quickly understand rebar spacing and modifiers with the new Follow Edges functionality
Break away from the multi point picking of modifiers on rebar sets when it comes to complex rebar edges. With the new ‘follow edges’ technology, you can tell a modifier or guideline to follow an edge explicitly. This new feature allows you to model reinforcement in curved or non linear objects and split, add hooks or orientate the bars based on the geometry edge itself…………

Operating system requirements:
64-bit Windows 10
64-bit Windows 8.1


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