Siemens HEEDS MDO 2210.0001 + VCollab 21.1 x64

HEEDS ® MDO ——多学科设计优化软件

多学科 不论是结构问题(线性或非线性,静态或动态,散装材料或复合材料)、流体问题、热力学问题, 或者声学问题、NVH问题、动力学问题以及同时存在以上几项问题,HEEDS MDO都可以帮助用户寻找最佳解决方案。 易于使用的界面 虽然HEEDS MDO使用的技术很复杂,但是软件用户界面友好。它特有的选项卡界面可以使用户明确项目建立和执行的六个过程。 与诸多CAE工具的连接 HEEDS MDO与所有常用的CAE应用软件均有接口,使设计优化过程自动化。它还能调用多种软 件工具进行前处理,后处理,分析计算和多学科优化。HEEDS MDO为以下工具提供输入和输出接口:  Abaqus  ANSYS WB  Excel  LS-DYNA  Nastran
 NX  Solidworks  SW Simulation 另外,HEEDS MDO提供一种通用接口生成ASCII格式的输入输出文件,从而可以连接所有商业或 者私有CAE工具。如果您不确定您的工具是否与HEEDS MDO兼容,可以联系我们。 独有的优化技术 HEEDS MDO默认的研发方式-SHERPA采用多重研发策略,可以动态和实时的随着优化范围的变化调整针对问题的研发方式。用户可以利用HEEDS软件进行众多的分析,快速确定优化空间,省去了众多的试验费用及时间;从大量的模型参数中提取出敏感参数,并对敏感性参数进行评估;对模型的健壮性和可靠性进行评估。通过对模型参数的优化,达到减少模型质量与成本的目的。 通过HEED优化分析,车身减重33.5kg
并行优化技术 HEEDS PARALLEL通过同时提交多个方案给不同的处理器,提高优化速度,且速度提高与硬件及软件资源几乎是线性的关系。 典型应用 BD公司:使用HEEDS MDO结合有限元方法对医疗器械设计进行优化和评估。 PRATT & MILLER:使用HEEDS MDO优化军用重型汽车底盘组件参数,为赛车优化齿轮速比,优化赛车悬挂系统的球形连接头。

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HEIDS MDO (Multidisciplinary Design Optimization) is a package for optimizing the design of a projected product using multidisciplinary modeling, allowing you to easily identify the main directions of changes, understand the impact of the specified parameters and consider the problem with “what if” scenarios.

Discover more innovative solutions with Design Space Exploration
Modeling and simulation software provides an excellent way for designers and engineers to cost-effectively evaluate how their products will perform under expected operating conditions.

Improving the performance of designs can be a tedious, manual, time-consuming process. With increasing product complexity, identifying what changes to make to improve performance relies more on trial and error than an efficient systematic approach.

HEEDS provides an environment that assists in discovering better designs, faster. It tackles these challenges by automating your analysis process, leveraging your investment in computing hardware, efficiently searching for better performing solutions and providing intuitive ways to review the design performance. Even engineers with very little design optimization experience can use HEEDS to discover optimal designs — in a fraction of the time it would take to perform even a handful of manual iterations.

Are you using simulation to drive innovation?
Using HEEDS software changes the paradigm of improving product performance. You no longer start with a design and use simulation to only evaluate performance. You can now define desired performance and allow HEEDS and your simulation tools to help discover better designs, faster.

Whether the problem is structural (linear or nonlinear, static or dynamic, bulk materials or composites), fluid, thermal, or acoustic in nature, involves NVH and dynamics, or any combination of these, HEEDS can help you find improved solutions. Cost considerations, financial models, production timeframes can all be considered in the design exploration. Non-traditional application areas also have a strong customer-base globally with HEEDS.


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