Graitec Advance Design 2023.1.1

GRAITEC 很高兴推出最新版本的领先结构分析软件 – Advance Design 2023,它是 Graitec Advance 套件的一部分。 GRAITEC 一直致力于为其尊贵的客户提供一流的创新软件解决方案,最近推出的 2023 年全新和升级产品系列也不例外,证明他们在提供顶级产品方面仍然处于领先地位。全球建筑、AEC 和建筑设计软件解决方案。 上一个版本增强了许多新功能,为最终用户带来了很多好处。

Graitec Advance Design 是适用于在 BIM 环境中操作的结构工程师的 3D FEM 结构分析软件。 它对任何类型的结构、任何类型的荷载、混合钢筋混凝土、木材和钢构件和连接进行全面设计和详述。 它包括主要的代码标准(欧洲规范/加拿大裔美国人)。

Graitec Advance Design 2023 | 10.3 GB

GRAITEC, an international software developer for AEC, is delighted to announce the release of Advance Design version 2023. Based on the needs and requests of the ever-growing communities that have gathered around each software developed by Graitec, the Graitec software development team proposes exciting new features to enhance the customer experience when designing and simulating structural projects.

This version 2023 of Advance Design is enhanced with a lot of new users-centric functionality, with high-end benefits, articulated around:

Performance – a significant reduction of the time required for calculations
Construction stages – new mechanism for the definition, management and calculation of structures using stages
Advanced non-linear supports – new possibilities for defining nonlinear relationships for supports
Masonry structures – possibility to model and verify masonry walls (acc. EN 1996) using a new Masonry Wall design module
Wind on free standing walls – possibility to generate wind on free standing walls acc. EN 1991-1-4
Result tables – fast and easy checking FEM results with Results Tables
Improvements to New possibilities and improvements for reinforcement concrete design.

Version 2023 of Advance Design also comes with a vast number of improvements and adjustments based on feedback received from thousands of users worldwide. Dozens of these new features have been introduced to RC design modules.

Advance Design is a complete solution for the analysis of complex structures by the finite elements method. To ensure a high standard of excellence for its users, it provides a wide range of functions specialized in advanced CAD modeling, meshing, calculation, expert design and results post-processing.

Advance Design was specifically developed for industry professionals that require a superior solution for the structural analysis and design of Reinforced Concrete, Steel and Timber structures according to the last versions of the Eurocodes, North American, Canadian, and Italian codes.

Watch this video and discover all new features in new 2023 release of Advance Design.
Founded in 1986 by Francis Guillemard, GRAITEC is a global software publisher and Value Added Reseller (VAR) in the BIM sector. With 150,000 users (more than doubling in three years) and revenue of $200m, GRAITEC is one of Autodesk’s largest partners and the global leading BIM solutions developer.

Product: Graitec Advance Design
Version: 2023
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 10.3 GB


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