ANSYS GRANTA EduPack 2023 R1

ANSYS GRANTA EduPack 2023 R1 | 2.4 Gb

The software developer Ansys announced the launch of GRANTA EduPack 2023 R1 (23.1.1) is provides a comprehensive database of materials and process information, powerful tools and teaching resources to support a wide variety of approaches to materials education.

The market-leading Ansys Granta products have been developed over 25 years to enable you to capture, safeguard and capitalize on your organization’s Material Intelligence. Ansys helps businesses digitalize their company’s materials knowledge, choose the right materials for their products, and provide resources for materials education.
Granta EduPack, formerly CES EduPack, is a unique set of teaching resources to support materials education. Granta EduPack provides support to enhance undergraduate materials education. EduPack includes a database of materials and process information, materials selection tools and a range of supporting resources. EduPack is divided into three levels so that students can access a suitable level of information as they progress through their studies. Granta EduPack has also been designed to support a wide variety of teaching styles, from the design- and science-led approaches to problem-based teaching.

Ansys Granta EduPack is the new name for the world-leading teaching resource for materials in engineering, science, processing, and design. Previously called CES EduPack, it was rebranded Granta EduPack in 2020.
ANSYS is the global leader in engineering simulation. We help the world’s most innovative companies deliver radically better products to their customers. By offering the best and broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software, we help them solve the most complex design challenges and engineer products limited only by imagination.

Product: ANSYS GRANTA EduPack
Version: 2023 R1 (23.1.1)
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 2.4 Gb


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