EPLAN Platform 2023 with Modules

全新 Eplan Platform 2023。解决方案提供商 Eplan 将通过这一平台展示机电工程的未来,其中的重点在于,其易用性让无论是经验丰富的用户还是新手都能轻松掌握。直观的用户界面基于大多数人熟悉的使用概念,并带来了高度的识别度,同时改善了用户体验。

EPLAN Platform 2023 with Modules | 15.3 Gb

Languages Supported: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, 日本語,
Русский, 中文, Español, 한국어, Türkçe.

The software developer EPLAN is pleased to announce the availability of Eplan Platform 2023. The new release combines a number of new features that make it easier to use and pay off in time savings and increased performance for users.

EPLAN Platform 2023 what’s new – Date: Sep 6, 2022

Standards compliant – devices with up to twenty schematic macros

Company-specific standards such as guidelines, different dimension specifications and varying standards on the world market – for instance NFPA or IEC – require different ways of representing devices in the schematics. Previously, just one macro could be saved per device. With the new device data management system, now up to twenty different schematic macros can be assigned to each device. The advantage for users is that the software now automatically assigns the correct macro after the relevant standard has been selected, which can be easily transferred into the schematics via drag and drop. This simplifies how devices are handled, provides a better project overview and reduces the administrative efforts required.

Component manufacturers that provide device data for the Eplan Data Portal, for instance according to the Eplan Data Standard, also benefit, as Weichsel explains: “In the future, a driver – for instance – can be stored and maintained as one data set with different schematic macros on the Eplan Data Portal – considerably reducing the amount of effort required of manufacturers for providing and maintaining their data.”

Company-specific standards such as guidelines, different dimension specifications and varying standards on the world market – for instance NFPA – can now be easily depicted with the new device management system

Eplan eStock: cloud-based device management

Using Eplan eStock, the new device data management in the Eplan Platform 2023, means that device data can be maintained in the Eplan cloud. This makes collaboration even easier and reduces coordination times and media disruptions. Accessing Eplan eStock works independent of company location; project participants can easily and securely access the device data in the cloud whether they’re working from home, are at another company location around the globe, or are data sharing with business partners. Companies hereby save time, not to mention the costs of setting up and maintaining their own extra IT infrastructure.

The new 3D graphics engine now makes actions such as zooming or rotating much smoother and easier.

3D graphics engine for better performance

Machines and plant systems are becoming increasingly automated and the digital twin is becoming an integral part of control cabinet and switchgear engineering processes. This is accompanied by increasing complexity and higher demands for the 3D structuring of control cabinet layouts. The amounts of data and information that must be managed are increasing exponentially. Users previously needed a lot of patience, especially for renderings of large 3D models. With the new Engine Direct3D graphics core, Eplan has considerably sped up project processes. The 3D rendering is now considerably faster, and actions such as zooming or rotating are now much smoother and easier.

Cable editor for optimized cable management

The Eplan Platform 2023 also simplifies the field cabling of control cabinets that are distributed throughout a plant system in a decentralized way. For instance, the new cable editor makes it easier to manage and visualize a cable on the Eplan Platform – regardless of the number of wires. Device and type number, source and destination, and the shielding and connection are graphically displayed in a single dialog box. The new cable editor thereby also lays the foundations for virtual machine cabling and easy cable-length determination in Eplan Harness proD. Cable information is now visible at a glance – from the source to the destination.

The expanded Insert Center in the Eplan Platform 2023 provides a better project overview.
Users can also intuitively search for devices – even in external or linked documents.

Insert Center: greater project overview

Symbols, macros and devices can now all be displayed in a more focused manner as a table in a dialog box. The expanded Insert Center in the Eplan Platform 2023 makes this possible, thereby providing a better project overview. Users can also intuitively search for devices – even in external or linked documents. Which components use which current strength? When clicking in the table, the logic information is made visible directly. And the new tagging function also make navigation easier: logical selection paths and better project structures accelerate both searching and project planning in general. The new interface to Microsoft Excel simplifies work for users: they no longer need to install the software themselves to output data in that format, making the outputting of lists and tables more efficient overall.

The EPLAN Platform offers software for a variety of engineering disciplines from a single source – and more than just tradition ECAD software. From preplanning to electrical engineering and fluid-power designs, to designing switchgear systems and wire harnesses: with EPLAN, you always have the right tool at hand. The new generation of the EPLAN Platform offers you special added value and new functions that will be continued and expanded in the coming versions of the software.

Sean Mulherrin introduces us to the new features of Platform 2023.
EPLAN was founded in 1984 and is part of the owner-operated Friedhelm Loh Group. The Friedhelm Loh Group operates worldwide with 12 production sites and 94 international subsidiaries. The entire group employs 11.600 people and generated revenues of around €2,6 billion in 2019. For the 13th time in succession, the family business has won the accolade “Top German Employer” in 2021. In addition, Friedhelm Loh Group was recognized as “Top vocational trainer” according to a study of Deutschland Test and Focus Money.

Product: EPLAN Platform
Version: 2023 with Modules *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: multilanguage
System Requirements: Windows **
Size: 15.3 Gb

* included: EPLAN_API_2023


















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