ANSYS Zemax OpticBuilder 2022 R2.02 for Creo 4.0-7.0

File size: 3.8 GB

Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder Optomechanical Design & Workflow Software. Empower optical and mechanical teams to work together efficiently. Design exceptional optical products with faster manufacturing and time to market.

Get optical products to market faster
Flawlessly convert lens design data into native CAD to build optical designs faster with fewer errors. Create ISO-compliant optical drawings at the push of a button. Easily see mechanical impacts on optical performance and maintain design quality throughout the packaging process.

Quick Specs
Design exceptional products more efficiently and deliver them to manufacturing with confidence. Empower engineers to work together on a single, shared file across optical and mechanical teams. Analyze performance of optomechanical packaging and create optical drawings with a single click.






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