PIPE-FLO Advatage 18.1

是一个全面的管道系统分析软件包,可让您清楚地了解整个管道系统的设计和操作。 PIPE-FLO 提供了管道系统的全貌,包括整个系统的稳态流速和压力,以及泵、控制阀和流量计的相互作用。 PIPE-FLO 拥有丰富的功能和工具,提供了多种查看和分析流体系统的方法。 现在,您可以通过消除对复杂电子表格的需求来减少设计时间并避免代价高昂的错误。

PIPE-FLO Advatage 18.1 | 200.5 mb

The PIPE-FLO, as part of Revalize, is pleased to announce the availability of Pipe-Flo 18.1 is a leading fluid flow design and modeling software which allows users to efficiently simulate and analyze complex fluid transport systems.

Version 18.1 Key Highlights:

New system resistance curve options
– New tabs on pump graph showing multiple pumps or multiple speeds
– New system curve option under tools menu for more in depth analysis
. Allows for different pump configurations
New user defined custom fields
-Unlimited new user defined fields allow for greater flexibility in model set up
-Enter in any number, true/false, or text
– Multiple uses
. During design process to highlight devices or interest
. Highlight sections/sub section of facility
. Display relevant equipment specific data
New graph options and reports
– Customizable fields to be displayed
– Customizable graphs to include in reports
New Overtime calculations
– Changing tank pressures due to liquid volume change in closed tanks
– Changing tank pressure due to mass of gasses when using Compressible Pipe (Advantage only)
Easier data importing from csv files
– Update devices via data import from csv files (Scripting license required)
– Make mass changes in tabular data for quicker changes and edits

PIPE-FLO is a comprehensive piping system analysis software package that provides you with a clear picture of the design and operation of your entire piping system. PIPE-FLO provides a total picture of the piping system including the steady state flow rates and pressures throughout the system, along with the interaction of pumps, control valves, and flow meters. With a rich set of features and tools, PIPE-FLO offers a variety of ways to view and analyze your fluid systems. Now you can reduce design time and avoid costly errors by eliminating the need for complex spreadsheets.
PIPE-FLO Advantage is the industry-leading hydraulic and compressed gas piping system modeling & performance analytics software.

In 2021, PIPE-FLO became a part of Revalize , a newly-formed software conglomerate aimed at accelerating revenue operations for manufacturers in various sectors. Our team continues its dedication to delivering the most comprehensive software solutions for our customers and we are excited to have the elevated support from our sister companies to achieve this goal.

Product: PIPE-FLO Advatage
Version: 18.1
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 200.5 mb





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