DS DYMOLA 2023 x64

Dymola是法国Dassault Systemes公司的多学科系统建模仿真工具,广泛应用于汽车、航空、航天、能源等行业系统的功能验证和硬件在环仿真。FMI是独立于建模软件的标准接口协议,可用于集成不同软件建立的、不同详细程度的模型,进行MIL、SIL和HIL仿真。


Dymola中的模型库包括Modelica基础库和商业库。Modelica基础库与Modelica协会发布的最新版本保持同步,为客户提供Modelcia协会在机械、流体、电子电气、电磁、控制、传热等多个工程领域的最新研究成果。商业库方面,Dymola与全球范围内各领域的领军企业和研究所合作,包括Modelon、DLR、Claytex、arsenal research等,为客户提供具有国际领先水平的专业模型库,涵盖空调、蒸汽循环、换热器、液冷、电力、液压、气动、智能电机驱动、发动机、传动系、车辆动力学、柔性体、飞机燃油及环控、飞控、燃料电池、火电、水电、风电等领域,为产品研发提供全面、有力的支撑。此外,Dymola还提供了模型标定、模型管理、优化设计等功能模块,使基于实验数据的建模和验证更为便捷。

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Dymola, Dynamic Modeling Laboratory, is a complete tool for modeling and simulation of integrated and complex systems for use within automotive, aerospace, robotics, process and other applications.

Rapidly solve complex multi-disciplinary systems modeling and analysis problems, using Dymola’s best-in-class Modelica and simulation technology. Dymola is a complete environment for model creation, testing, simulation and post-processing.

Modeling and simulation
To improve simulation performance, the numeric solvers have been improved for large models with sparse structure, e.g. electrical transmission lines. For appropriate model structures up to 100x faster simulation can be achieved.

Dymola has been enhanced with convenient tools to check what events are generated during simulation and plot hot spots of execution. This helps the user to find simulation bottlenecks and prepare models for real-time simulation.

Flexible and natural handling of units on input allows the user to type expressions such as “47 pF” directly. Dymola detects unit and prefix and applies appropriate scaling to SI units.
New Modelica libraries

Several new Modelica libraries are introduced in Dymola 2018 FD01, providing a wide range of solutions from hydraulic systems to advanced power plants.

Fluid Power – hydraulic systems
Electric Power Systems – AC and DC including high frequency AC
Hydrogen – fuel cell applications
ClaRa Plus – advanced power plants
Fluid Dynamics – estimate human comfort within an air-conditioned zone
Testing – framework to build test models and create reference results





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