R&B ElectrodeWorks 2021 SP0 for SolidWorks

R&B ElectrodeWorks 2021 SP0 for SolidWorks | 92.8 mb

Languages Supported: English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Português, Español, Polski, Türkçe

R&B, developer of the computer-aided mold design (CAMD) technology used by more than 1,500 customers around the world, announces the release of ElectrodeWorks 2021 for SOLIDWORKS 2015 through 2022.

This service pack introduces a new spark gap type – shell which uses SOLIDWORKS Shell and Combine functions. Additions were made to the Electrode Data output (projected burn area), Options (some new defaults), Build Surface (Select by color, Select All by color, Find Missing Faces and Mark Holes). Improvements were made in the Drawings output, Spark gap with minimum curvature warning, Electrode data, Exact Faces editing, Add Electrodes direction arrow and Add External Electrode which did not allow addition of electrode already added to the assembly.

ElectrodeWorks automates all aspects of extraction, design, management, documentation and manufacturing of EDM electrodes. Fully integrated into the SOLIDWORKS environment ElectrodeWorks guides you through the electrode design and production process. You design the electrode through a comprehensive yet easy to use user interface; the electrode manufacturing and EDM positioning drawings, and the machining files are created automatically.

Seamless integration within SOLIDWORKS assures the complete parametric associativity of the data.

R&B, Ltd. develops and markets powerful, easy-to-use; 3D mold design tools for the plastic mold and die industry. The company was created in 1994 as a separate organization through the combination of investments from Regba Kal, Israel’s largest mold maker, and Bercom, a leading supplier of computer-aided engineering solutions for mechanical design and finite element analysis. Today, R&B develops the following products: MoldWorks, SplitWorks, and ElectrodeWorks for SOLIDWORKS and MoldBase for CoCreate(PTC) all running within native CAD products, and over 1500 customers.

Product: R&B ElectrodeWorks
Version: 2021 SP0 (September 2022) for SolidWorks 2015-2022
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: multilanguage
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 92.8 mb





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