CSI SAFE适用于从简单到复杂的混凝土楼板、任意形状和各种厚度的基础分析和设计。基础可以是筏基、条形基础或独立扩展基础的组合 1) SAFE是利用强大的基于对象建模来自动进行从简单到复杂的混凝土楼板和基础系统的分析与设计。SAFE可以分析和设计具有任意形状、各种厚度、柱顶托板、开洞、边梁和不连续的楼板和基础底板,基础可以是筏板基础、条形基础或独立基础的组合。 2) SAFE的分析是基于最新有限元分析技术进行的,它能够准确地反映出扭矩的效应;在用户自定义参数的基础上自动生成有限元网格;基础的计算模型是弹性地基上的厚板,其中单压土壤弹簧是基于地基作用的模量自动进行离散分布,可以给每个对象单独设置地基模量。 3) 软件生成钢筋布置,并且计算柱底周围的冲切剪力对基础的影响。在基于平板配筋的有限元模型中,软件提供了包括开裂性质在内的各种选项。

CSI SAFE  | 645.9 mb

Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI) is pleased to announce the availability of SAFE 2020 version is a ultimate tool for designing concrete floor and foundation systems.

SAFE version 20.0.0 Enhancements
Watch our Spotlight Videos to learn more about the latest enhancements in SAFE version 20.0.0

SAFE is a software tailored for the engineering of elevated floor and foundation slab systems. Slab modeling, analysis, and design procedures feature a suite of sophisticated tools and applications, couple with post-tensioning, punching-shear, and beam detailing, and integrate the influence of soils, ramps, columns, braces, walls (rectilinear or curvilinear), and other interfacial elements. Interoperability with SAP2000 and ETABS allows users to import models, loading, and displacement fields into SAFE for more advanced local assessment of slab systems within larger structures.

A 3D-object-based model may originate in SAFE or import from SAP2000, ETABS, or CAD. Templates quickly initiate a model. Grid, snap, chamfer/fillet, trim/extend, circular- and spline-curve controls allow direct drawing of any slab shape. Replication tools streamline modeling for a series of unique slab systems, as was done with Studio Gang’s Aqua in Chicago, Illinois (Reid, Robert L. Chicago Tower’s ‘Wavelike’ Design Features Different Shapes For Every Floor. Civil Engineering Apr. 2007: 22). Up to four simultaneous display windows present the model. Interactive database editing presents definition tables in SAFE and Excel.

SAFE version 20.0.0 adds composite-beam modeling and design to become the ultimate tool for the analysis and design of all types of floor and foundation systems. PT modeling tools have been improved and expanded. New support-line and slab-panel features increase productivity for tendon layout, design-strip definition, pattern loading, and results interpretation. Improvements in drafting, analysis, display, and reporting round out this major upgrade to SAFE. Learn more about these new features.

Product: CSI SAFE
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: PC *
Size: 645.9 mb





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