Mastercam 2023 v25.0.14245.10 for SolidWorks 2012-2022 x64

合并多轴刀具路径。在 Mastercam 2023 中,”变形”、”平行”、”沿曲线”和”项目曲线”不再是单独的刀具路径。相反,当您添加适当的曲线时,统一刀具路径允许访问这些切削图案。例如,要创建在两个曲面之间变形的刀具路径,请从”多轴”刀具路径中选择”一”(Unified ),然后使用”变形”样式将”切割图案”设置为两个曲面。

加工时检测底切毛坯。 动态光通孔和面积粗加工刀具路径现在可以感知底切坯料状况,从而改善刀具路径运动,包括减少气切削。

新的 B 轴等值线车削刀具路径。Mastercam 2023 为铣削车削产品的车削套件引入了新的刀具路径。B 轴轮廓车削是一种精加工刀具路径,允许在刀具切削时旋转 B 轴。刀具路径具有自上而下的工作流程,并为您提供自动或手动运动控制。自动模式产生安全的刀具路径运动,使刀片与轮廓保持接触。手动模式可完全控制沿轮廓的 B 轴角度。

File Size: 1.8 GB

Efficient automated 2D-3D processing. To perform 2D-3D processing, Mastercam for SolidWorks has a powerful Automated Processing Design feature based on geometry recognition features (Feature Based Machining – FBM). By analyzing the part for the presence of specific geometry elements (surface, size, hole location, etc.), the FBM function automatically creates an effective processing strategy for recognized elements. Among the main functions, the following should be noted: * Facing in case of an allowance above the surface of the part.

-Handling open, nested and pass-through pockets.
-The trajectory of roughing and additional processing for each pocket.
-Recognizing holes and creating centering, drilling, unfolding, chamfering, and threading operations according to predetermined criteria.

Rough and fair 3D processing, including additional processing.
The core sample effectively removes the bulk stock.

High-speed processing (VSO) provides the technology of the fastest processing and obtaining excellent surface quality of products. Mastercam for SolidWorks includes a set of fully associative high-speed machining paths that allow you to maximize the power of your CNC equipment.

-The “Basic Sampling” and “Cleaning the Area” strategies effectively remove the main volume of the allowance due to the use of trajectories that can be adjusted to “peel” the workpiece or “gnaw” the material from the cavities.
-The “Additional Processing” strategy smoothly removes the stock remaining from previous rough passes.
-Using a constant 3D step between the aisles, the finishing “Comb” strategy forms the same surface quality (roughness) on the inclined and flat surfaces of the part.
– The “Horizontal areas” finishing strategy quickly processes flat horizontal surfaces of a part.
-“Spiral”, “Radial” and “Raster”
-The “pencil” strategy creates tool movements along the intersection lines of the faces of a solid in order to process hard-to-reach areas of the part.

Reliable verification of trajectories

Verification of processing a solid body with an imitation of material removal allows you to check the trajectories before they are actually tested on the machine.

Mastercam gives you the assurance that processing of any level of complexity is possible on your equipment. Using the tools available in Mastercam for toolpath verification tools, you can easily make sure that paths and movements are created exactly as you wanted.

-View and measurement of the part are available during the verification process of processing a solid part from a solid workpiece. During simulation processing, the tool and cartridge are displayed and checked for cutting. video
-It is possible to draw trajectories using the Backplot tool and get the processing cycle time. Available to dynamically view all the necessary information about the instrument and operations at any point of the trajectory, as well as scaling individual areas for a more detailed view.
-Quick verification of 2D trajectories with a drawing tool to check the final result of finishing operations.

Effective tools for creating control programs and trajectory control The tool path is only part of what forms a good control program as a result. Total path control, as well as machine and CNC settings, optimize each operation as much as possible.

-Full control of all aspects of the tool inlet and outlet.
-Security zones help to ensure the safety of tool retraction movements when working with any type of paths.
-Significant reduction in program size through the use of a trajectory filter.
-Use of all types of tools: ball, disc, bevel, etc.
-User-configurable tool and material libraries automatically calculate feed rates and spindle speeds.
-Trajectory Manager stores the operations of all your projects in one place Fast creation, editing and verification of trajectories or copying and pasting parameters from one operation to another. Using equipment groups to organize operations and simplify copying / pasting toolpaths and tool information from one machine group to another.





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