iTwin Analytical Synchronizer CONNECT Edition V12 Update 2

iTwin Analytical Synchronizer CONNECT Edition V12 Update 2 | 1.6 Gb
Languages Supported: english, 中文

Bentley Systems Incorporated is pleased to announce the availability of iTwin Analytical Synchronizer CONNECT Edition V12 Update 2. Notable changes in this release include enhanced existing symbology display of steel reinforcement as well as expanded new workflows and capabilities with the introduction of Post Tension Tendons, and the available of analytical design results API for visualization of analytical design results in Design Review.

iTwin Analytical Synchronizer CONNECT Edition V12 Update 2 – Release Date: 12th April 2022
This release of iTwin Analytical Synchronizer includes security and many stability fixes surrounding cloud workflows. Notable user experience improvements are listed below:

Streamline Digital Connection for new iModels
Previously, a Push to Cloud operation involves a Digital Twin Connection, which in turn involves a 3-step process of selecting Project/iModel/Model. Now, a new iModel automatically creates a Model (of the same name) on the user’s behalf.

iTwin Synchronizer enables you to sync design changes from your desktop design tool with an iTwin in the cloud. Bridges transform engineering data from native design tools into a common schema. Design changes are recorded in a timeline of change providing an audit trail of who changed what when. Team members and project stakeholders can view, validate, and analyze the data stored in the iTwin from any location with a standard web browser. iTwin Synchronizer works with design tools from Bentley, as well as Autodesk and others. It also supports IFC file formats.

The iTwin Synchronizer allows you to take your first step in moving your Design Data into a Digital Twin. The iTwin Synchronizer pushes and synchronizes your Design Data to an iModel on the iModelHub.
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Product: iTwin Analytical Synchronizer
Version: CONNECT Edition V12 Update 2 (
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: multilanguage
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 1.6 Gb





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