ANSYS SpaceClaim 2023 R1

SpaceClaim 2023 是世界首个自然方式3D 设计系统 – 用户可以比以往任何时候更快的速度进行模型的创建和编辑。不同于基于特征的参数化CAD系统,SpaceClaim 能够让用户以最直观的方式对模型直接编辑,自然流畅地进行模型操作而无需关注模型的建立过程。 SpaceClaim 作为富有创意的3D建模解决方案,日前推出了其第四代产品,SpaceClaim Engineer 和 SpaceClaim Style。这些直接建模工具象征了这10多年来3D工程领域最显著的技术进步,从简单发展到能够专供工程师和工业设计师自由灵活操作,快速捕捉灵感,可以随意编辑实体模型而不用考虑坐标原点,并为分析,原型,制造做设计准备。


ANSYS SpaceClaim的性能提升了十倍以上,其能为您节约大量时间,并为您提供更多进行快速几何图形创作和编辑的工具,同时还提高文件导入和编辑的能力。总而言之,ANSYSSpaceClaim可以在整个工作流程中提升您的工作效率。

ANSYS SpaceClaim 2023 R1 | 3.1 Gb
Languages Supported: English, Čeština, Deutsch, Español, Français, Magyar,
Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Русский, 中文

ANSYS has announced the release of SpaceClaim 2023 R1, is a fast and intuitive 3-D modeling software solution that enables any analyst or engineer to create, edit and repair geometry no matter where they are in the workflow.

Ansys SpaceClaim has long been the preferred tool for engineers to prepare CAD for simulation. ANSYS SpaceClaim enables you to easily create concepts and prepare designs for digital prototyping, analysis and manufacturing, including 3D printing. It is a highly cost-effective solution for efficient simulation-driven product design, optimisation and STL preparation. ANSYS SpaceClaim enables anyone to create, edit, or repair geometry without worrying about underlying technology. With SpaceClaim, working with 3D modeling software becomes fast, easy, flexible, and rewarding, no matter where in the workflow you need it. Ansys SpaceClaim’s unique user interface, modeling technology and versatile tool set help you create and modify imported geometry — without the complexity associated with traditional CAD systems. When working with existing CAD models, you can de-feature and simplify geometry with automated, easy-to-learn tools. Ansys SpaceClaim is ideal for engineers who don’t have time for heavy CAD tools, but want and need to get 3D answers fast.

This video introduces the basics of creating geometry in Workbench using ANSYS SpaceClaim. You are provided an overview of the GUI, and then guided through building a simple 3D geometry starting from a 2D sketch. The resultant geometry is suitable as the basis for a fluid flow simulation.
SpaceClaim Corporation develops 3D modeling software for engineering and manufacturing sectors. It provides 3D modeling software solutions for design, manufacturing, modeling and simulation, and reverse engineering. The company enables engineers and other manufacturing professionals to create new designs or manipulate and edit existing 2D and 3D geometry. It markets and sells its products through authorized resellers in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Concord, Massachusetts with additional offices in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan. As of April 30, 2014, SpaceClaim Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Ansys, Inc.
Founded in 1970, ANSYS employs nearly 3,000 professionals, many of whom are expert M.S. and Ph.D.-level engineers in finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, electronics, semiconductors, embedded software and design optimization. Our exceptional staff is passionate about pushing the limits of world-class simulation technology so our customers can turn their design concepts into successful, innovative products faster and at lower cost. As a measure of our success in attaining these goals, ANSYS has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies by prestigious publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek and FORTUNE magazines.

Product: ANSYS SpaceClaim
Version: 2023 R1 (build_date 2022-11-28) *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: multilanguage
System Requirements: Windows **
Size: 3.1 Gb

* Unified Package Created: 202211291005P00
Unified Package Name: R231RC2P00


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