ESI ProCAST 2022.0 Solvers x64

ESI ProCAST 2022 新版发布!


ProCAST 提供了一整套模块丰富的铸造工艺解决方案,全面满足您最具挑战性的工业需求。.软件基于有限元技术,非常适合预测变形及残余应力,还可以模拟更多的特殊工艺过程,如半固态、射砂制芯、离心铸造、消失模与连续铸造等。


File Size: 1 GB

The ProCAST software package allows you to solve almost any technological task related to metal casting!

ProCAST allows you to simulate any foundry technology: –
any gravity casting (die casting, CGM and CTS, investment casting, etc.);
– Controlled pressure casting (high pressure casting, low pressure casting, backpressure casting,

vacuum suction casting, etc.);
– centrifugal casting;
– continuous casting;
– casting according to the gasified model.

The ProCAST program allows you to determine: –
the distribution of thermal fields in the casting and mold;
-Estimate the level of emerging stresses in the casting and metal equipment
-Allows you to calculate cyclic loads (for example, when casting under pressure).

ProCAST Meets Manufacturing Challenges
Based on proven finite element technology, ProCAST provides a complete solution covering a wide range of metal and alloy casting processes.

Covering all production tasks for a wide range of casting processes.

Ground casting, gravity casting, oblique casting
Key success factors in gravity casting are related to the optimization of the gate system and the elimination of areas of possible shrinkage.

Lost Wax Casting, Shell
Mold Casting ProCAST is well suited to the task of investment casting. For example, ProCAST can automatically generate a mesh that reflects the shell shape, allows for unequal thicknesses and layering.

This takes into account heat radiation with shading effects, which are important for high-temperature alloys. ProCAST provides the ability to simulate mold filling, solidification, and microstructure formation. The location of risers and the use of insulating or exothermic leads and their effect on shrinkage can be studied on a computer and visualized on a screen to achieve optimum casting quality.

Low Pressure Die Casting In
order to realistically reproduce the factory conditions, it is possible to simulate the working cycles of the mold until the temperature conditions reach a steady state. The calculated temperature fields make it possible to calculate the filling of the mold and the solidification of the casting.
The process parameters can be adjusted so that the optimum process quality is achieved in the shortest time.

High Pressure
Die Casting ProCAST allows for specific high pressure die casting applications such as liquid forging and semi-solid casting. Optimal plunger velocity profile, gate design and pourability can be easily determined during simulation even for thin-walled products. Thermomechanical mold cycles can be calculated not only to increase its life cycle, but also to increase productivity, thus reducing risks and costs.





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