TMG solvers for NX 1847-2206 Series (2022-10 update only)

x64 | File size: 2.9 GB

TMG Thermal / Flow Simulation – the NX for advanced calculation of heat transfer and fluid flow and gas flow. Main naznaenie obnovleniya- fix bugs identified in previous versions of the module.

It is only updated module TMG Thermal / Flow Simulation (NXCAE_EXTRAS) for NX 1847/1872/1899/1926 Win64. To apply you must have a pre-NX 1847/1872/1899/1926 Win64 module TMG Thermal / Flow Simulation (NXCAE_EXTRAS) and crack from SSQ.

tmg v2019.1.17 for NX-1847 Series (NX-1847-1867.xxxx) Win64 (2020-07)
tmg v2019.2.16 for NX-1872 Series (NX-1872-1892.xxxx) Win64 (2020-11)
tmg v2020.1.12 for NX-1899 Series (NX-1899-1919.xxxx) Win64 (2020-11)
tmg v2020.2.13 for NX-1926 Series (NX-1926-1946.xxxx) Win64 (2021-06)
tmg v2021.1.12 for NX-1953 Series (NX-1953-1973.xxxx) Win64 (2022-04)
tmg v2021.2.12 for NX-1980 Series (NX-1980-2000.xxxx) Win64 (2022-07)
tmg v2022.1.11 for NX-2007 Series (NX-2007-2027.xxxx) Win64 (2022-10)
tmg v2206.5 for NX-2206 Series (NX-2206.xxxx) Win64 (2022-10)





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