EPLAN Preplanning v2023.0.3.19351 x64 Multilingual

PLAN Preplanning 是一个专为设备和工厂的预设计提供的CAE软件解决方案。 它同时支持图形化和数据库驱动的工作方式。 在一个项目中,数据能无缝的传输到跨专业的详细设计中。 通过EPLAN平台上的EPLAN Preplanning软件,你可以尽早的实现工程流程中技术方面的初始设计活动。 基于这种预设计数据,后续的电气原理图设计以及高层功能的详细内容可以在EPLAN平台中实现。 把预设计整合到规划确认中,由于数据的一致性,可以大大的降低成本,同时提高项目质量。 基于软件本身设置灵活,新推出的预设计软件可以让你非常容易快速的进入到这种设计模式。 学科与产业 EPLAN Preplanning应用领域 EPLAN Preplanning适用于多个应用领域,寻找适合您的解决方案

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EPLAN Preplanning enables you to save engineering data early in the preplanning process. This data can include actuators and sensors for a plant system, machine or building. You can import data from external tabular sources and also enter plant system or machine overviews and graphical process and instrumentation diagrams. This allows you to quickly generate initial data sheets or specifications for materials procurement. You can also access the data collected in EPLAN Preplanning to use in downstream planning phases in engineering.

Fluid Power Engineering Professional Engineering From Pneumatics to Lubrication
It’s important to take an interdisciplinary approach in this field and to include electrotechnical designs in the documentation. EPLAN has the right solution for you for these various engineering fields – combined in an integrated software environment.

Pneumatics is the use of compressed air to perform work in the sense of preparing energy to act on a body. Compressed air systems are usually made up of four subsystems: compressed air generation, compressed air preparation, compressed air distribution, and then, finally, the actual application.

In hydraulics, oil is used to transmit power, energy or momentum in working machines

Cooling can be understood as the process of removing thermal energy. If heat is extracted from solids or liquids, it occurs according to the physical principle of heat transfer.

Lubrication can prevent friction and wear, for instance, between two parts within a machine. A suitable lubricant or lubrication method needs to be used for this.

Integrate Your Engineering for Code-Compliant Fluid-Technical Designs
There are various codes and standards that need to be complied with in fluid power engineering. A positive side effect is that you then also create the foundation for a uniform and standardised database for your documentation. A few important standards for creating fluid power schematics include ISO 1219, IEC 81346 and IEC 61355. Device identification is regulated by IEC 81346, which supports you in product structuring and in interdisciplinary engineering. IEC 61355 regulates the type of documentation, which is a helpful guideline for organising multiple pages of documentation in an integrated way. Code-compliant designs quickly pay off through the increased efficiency of your engineering. EPLAN solutions support you in this.

System Requirements
-Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (64 bit) Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate
-Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64 bit) Pro, Enterprise
-Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) Pro, Enterprise Version 1709,1803,1809,1903
-Server:Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit) / Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (64-bit)
-Office:Microsoft Office 2013 (64 bit) / Microsoft Office 2016 (64 bit)*
SQL server (64-bit): Microsoft SQL Server 2016 / Microsoft SQL Server 2017


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