Terrasolid Suite 2023.04


Terrasolid Suite 2023.04 | 7.2 Gb

The Terrasolid Ltd. development team is pleased to announce the availability of Terrasolid Suite 2023.04. This applications provide versatile and capable tools for surveyors, civil engineers, designers, planners, … – for everyone who needs to process and utilize 3D LiDAR data and images.

Terrasolid is the industry standard software for point clouds and images processing, developed specifically for the demanding requirements of geospatial, engineering, operations and environmental professionals. This software suite provides versatile and capable tools to create 3D vector models, feature extractions, orthophotos, terrain representations, advanced point cloud visualizations, etc., no matter the data source, no matter the sensor. The finest tools for calibration and matching of point clouds for LiDAR data are included. Terrasolid 30+ years industry experience and more than 20 years in LiDAR business ensures that you have access to reliable and versatile software products that can solve problems extensively, both in different application areas and with different types of data. The Terrasolid product family consists of six main products – TerraScan, TerraModeler, TerraPhoto, TerraMatch, TerraStereo and TerraSlave which can all be combined into unique solutions to cater your needs of point cloud processing.

TerraModeler is a terrain modeling application built on top of a CAD platform. It enables the creation of triangulated models of ground, soil layers or design surfaces. The models can be created based on survey data, graphical elements, XYZ text files, point cloud data loaded in TerraScan or stored in LAS or TerraScan binary formats. Theoretically, TerraModeler can handle an unlimited number of different surfaces in the same CAD file.
TerraScan is a dedicated software solution for processing laser scanning point clouds. It can easily handle millions of points as all routines are tweaked for optimum performance. Its versatile tools prove useful for a number of application fields, such as transmission lines, flood plains, proposed highways, stock piles, forest areas, city models, road and railroad surveying, and much more.
TerraPhoto is widely used for the production of orthorectified images from airborne imagery. It is specifically written for handling images taken during a laser scanning mission and using the laser data for an accurate ground model. The complete orthorectification process can be performed without having any known points at the site. However, known points can be used to improve the absolute accuracy of the image positions. TerraPhoto’s approach to orthorectification is simple and accurate.
TerraMatch is a sophisticated tool for improving the accuracy and quality of the raw laser point cloud. It compares laser data from overlapping flight or drive paths and calculates correction values for the misalignment angles as well as xyz location errors. The comparison and correction value calculation can be either based on surface matching or on different types of tie lines. Tie line matching comprises points or lines on horizontal, vertical or sloped surfaces that can be used for matching flight/drive paths to each other, but also known point or line locations that enable the adjustment of the laser point cloud to control measurements.
TerraStereo is a stand-along application for visualizing very large point clouds. It uses high-performance graphics boards for rendering huge amounts of points fast and in high quality.
TerraSlave is application for batch processing TerraScan, TerraPhoto and TerraMatch tasks. Thus, it’s an alternative method for running processes that TerraScan, TerraPhoto and TerraMatch can run as well. Processing massive amounts of laser points and images can be a real challenge to a single PC. With TerraSlave you can distribute time- and resource-consuming tasks such as TerraScan macro execution to several PCs over a LAN and thus, free your own workstation for other processing steps.

Terrasolid Ltd. is a Finnish software company that has been developing software tools for terrain modelling, point cloud visualization, point cloud classification, feature extraction and 3D modelling for over 30 years. They sell a family of modules, that are plug-ins for Bentley’s MicroStation CAD platform or can be run inside the Spatix CAD engine (if you are not a MicroStation user). The software is primarily used by engineers and surveyors engaged in metric mapping across a variety of industries. The core of these users are lidar or photogrammetric point cloud producers, so Terrasolid is often referred to as “lidar” software, although it is much more than that simplified designation. The Terrasolid software suite covers a very broad range of tools and workflows of interest to drone lidar operators. To simplify things, the software suite is divided into modules that focus on specific areas or workflows.

Product: Terrasolid Suite
Version: 2023.04 *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : https://terrasolid.com/
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows **
Size: 7.2 Gb

* This installation bundle includes our most popular software: TerraScan, TerraModeler, TerraPhoto and TerraMatch in Full, UAV and Lite versions for Bentley Systems Inc. software CAD platforms.



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