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VISTA desktop seismic data processing software provides data processing from early stage acquisition QC to final processing and interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data acquired on land, offshore, or as a vertical seismic profile (VSP)—in all industry and manufacturer data formats.

With VISTA software, you can easily navigate workflows and seamlessly evaluate datasets using the many interactive and interlinked displays. You can also add in your own algorithms through a C++, Python, or MATLAB SDK interface. The software supports advanced processing capabilities, including AVO and AVA analysis, multicomponent processing, and complete 2D and 3D VSP QC and processing.

VISTA software is available in four modules: VISTA Field QC, VISTA Field Processing, VISTA Full Processing, and VISTA VSP.

VISTA Field QC is used in the field to perform rapid QC and simple processing through to brute stack.
VISTA Field Pro package provides additional tools for more sophisticated QC requirements, including poststack migration.
VISTA Full Pro offers a complete QC and processing solution with all the field capabilities and it includes poststack line-tie and data merge, prestack migration, and time and depth image analysis.
VISTA VSP can be used for complete VSP QC and processing.

What News?
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