iToolab UnlockGo 5.5.0 MacOS

一款非常实用的iOS设备解锁软件,使用户可以轻松绕过iPhone的密码并获得对该设备的完全访问权限,可以帮大家对忘记 iOS 解锁密码的设备进行解锁,几分钟内即可删除iPhone / iPad上的各种锁,具有精细的技术,可完全匹配你的手机、系统、密码模型。借助该软件,可以解决忘记iPhone密码、iPhone已禁用、脸部/触控ID不可用、密码已过期、二手iPhone、屏幕坏了等多种问题,而且完全支持所有类型的密码,它可以轻松删除所有类型的密码,包括4位数代码、6位数代码、自定义数字代码、字母数字代码、Touch ID或Face ID;不过,需要注意的是出于商业目的删除密码是非法的,也是禁止的,所以用户请自行斟酌使用。iToolab UnlockGo使用起来也是很简单,无需任何专业的知识,任何人都可以通过简单的几个步骤就可以解锁密码或iCloud激活锁,首先,根据自身要求选择选择一种模式,包括“删除iCloud激活锁”或“删除锁屏密码”两种模式;然后在通过数据线将设备与计算机连接;最后,将解锁操作交给该软件,在短短的几分钟内即可完成解锁,解锁过程就是这么简单。

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All-in-One iPhone Lock Removal Tool. Remove Various Locks on iPhone/iPad in Minutes.

Instantly unlock your iPhone/iPad’s passcode
iToolab UnlockGo allows you to easily bypass iPhone passcode and gain full access to the device. It works on the following scenarios, and all kinds of passcodes are fully supported.

All types of passcodes are fully supported
UnlockGo supports to remove all types of passcodes easily including the 4-digit code, the 6-digit code, custom numeric code, alphanumeric code, Touch ID or Face ID.
Note: The removal of passwords for business purposes is illegal and prohibited.

• Forgot iPhone password
• iPhone is disabled
• Face/Touch ID is not available
• Passcode expired
• Second-hand iPhone
• Broken screen

Bypass iCloud activation lock without password
UnlockGo enables you to turn off the iCloud Activation Lock without password easily, if your device is stuck in the “Activation Lock” screen.

• Remove activation lock after restore
• Remove activation lock of lost iPhone
• Could not activate iPhone
• Unable to activate

Get access to the device after iCloud Activation Lock removal
Once Activation Lock is disabled, you can enjoy the following
• Gain access to your device.
• Use a new Apple ID for iTunes Store & App Store.
• The device won’t be tracked by the previous Apple ID.
• The device won’t be remotely erased by the previous Apple ID.
• The Activation Lock won’t appear again even if you restart the device.

Remove Apple ID without password
Forgot Apple ID password or it has been disabled? iToolab UnlockGo helps you delete Apple ID account with no restrictions. By creating a new account, you can then obtain access to all iCloud services and Apple ID features once more.

Get complete control over your iPhone after Apple ID removal
No specialist knowledge is required to remove Apple ID from locked iOS devices, so you’ll be able to take advantage of all of the following features on iPhone/iPad in no time.

• Switch to another Apple ID or set up a new one.
• Take advantage of all iCloud and Apple ID functionality.
• Easily switch off Find My iPhone/iPad.
• Remove the previous Apple ID’s tracking.

No password required to disable Find My iPhone. UnlockGo is the best choice on how to turn off Find My iPhone.
You can access to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, but you don’t know your Apple ID account password? Simply switch off FMI with UnlockGo.

• Find My iPhone can be disabled with no Apple ID or password necessary.
• Delete the previous Apple ID completely and avoid being tracked by the device’s previous owner.
• Your iOS device can be used as a brand new one!
• Take advantage of all the iOS features and iCloud services with no limitations.
• Even if you restart or factory reset your iOS device, the activation lock will no longer be displayed after you disable Find My iPhone.

Supported devices & iOS versions
Remove Screen Passcode
• All iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
• iOS 7.0 and later

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock
• iPhone 5s – iPhone X
• iOS 12.0 and later

Remove Apple ID
• All iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
• iOS 11.4 and later

Turn Off FMI
• iPhone 6s – iPhone 12 Pro Max
• iOS 13.0 – 14

Supported Operation System
• OS X 10.10 or later
• Intel Core processor


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