Battery Indicator 2.16.0 MacOS


一款好用的电池指示灯工具,可以让你的Mac电池显示剩余时长,Battery Indicato停驻在菜单栏,小巧轻便,使用方法简单,是一款不可缺少的电池工具。

File size: 6 MB

Shows the remaining battery time and percentage in the menu bar. The app has a setting to hide the menu bar icon when the power plug is connected, which can be useful if you only care about the battery time/percentage when on battery.

You can hide the system battery indicator by dragging its icon out of the menu bar while pressing the Command key. You can also reorder menu bar icons by dragging them around while pressing the Command key. That means you can place this app exactly where the system battery indicator used to live.

– There’s also a preference to notify when the battery is fully charged or at certain percentages.
– It also comes with support for Shortcuts (on macOS 12).
– Requires a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air.
– Tip: Press the Option key while the menu is open to see battery condition and health.

Supported Operation Systems
macOS 11.5 or later (Apple Silicon compatible)


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