Best Way To Model And Texture Anything In Blender Fast

Published 5/2023
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Explained how to quickly and realistically model in Blender

What you’ll learn
I will introduce you to the free 3d program Blender
I will introduce you to modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and more
We will create a train from the intro video from start to finish
I’ll show you the best way to quickly model and texture in Blender anything

Free software Blender. No previous experience is necessary.

When we Open blender we get default Cube, how to convert this Cube to high detailed realistic train? There are a number of ways you can approach modeling and texturing in Blender. In this tutorial, I will talk about the approach that gives the most realistic results in the shortest time. This is a technique I learned in my 4 years of Blender experience.In this 3 hour long tutorial, we will create a train down to the smallest detail. You can apply the technique you learn in this tutorial to create any realistic model in blender quickly.We’ll talk about the steps you need to take before you start modeling to make the process as easy as possible later.How to organize textures and materials in Blender in order to work quickly?What are the most common problems you may encounter and how to solve them?How to use tools for modeling and selection quickly with the help of shortcuts, which modifiers to use and much more….The tutorial is step-by-step and suitable for beginners as well.All resources and links are included in the tutorial + final .blend file, and subtitles with shortcuts are also available.The tutorial is divided into 16 parts with an average duration of 12 minutes in order to make it easier to follow

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 02 – Import reference and base shape

Lecture 3 03 – Details and main bevel

Lecture 4 04 – Projecting image on model

Lecture 5 05 – Creating windows

Lecture 6 06 – The front of the train

Lecture 7 07 – Materials

Lecture 8 08 – Adding details

Lecture 9 09 – Curves and cables

Lecture 10 10 – Adding more details

Lecture 11 11 – Doors, windows, trumpet

Lecture 12 12 – Creating more details

Lecture 13 13 – Wheels and engine

Lecture 14 14 – Placing greebles on the train

Lecture 15 15 – Graffiti and leaking

Lecture 16 16 – The final part

For blender beginners as well as more advanced users.


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