3D Character Modeling Tutorial In Nomad Sculpt

Published 5/2023
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Step by step tutorial creating a full 3D model from a 2D sketch

What you’ll learn
Better understanding of Nomad Sculpt 3D modeling application
Basic principles of blocking out a sculpt from a 2D image
Efficiency of 3D sculpting tools
Efficiency of polygons, decimation, and producing a final character design

Basic understanding and familiarity with Nomad Sculpt application on Android or iOS devices

If you’re familiar with Nomad Sculpt and are looking to start sculpting on a more advanced level, this is the class! We’ll start with a sphere and create a full character design referenced from a 2D Sketch. Currently running Nomad Sculpt v1.76We’ll cover Blocking the shapes using primitivesWhen to voxel merge / when not to Using various tools to achieve the details and look we wantKeeping our model efficient in sizeLightingColoringPost Process and RenderingI’ll be using an iPad Pro 2021, but Nomad is available on many different tablets/devices: We won’t get too high with vertices, so most devices shouldn’t have any issues with the project. I’ve also included some extras like my Custom environment, image samples, and the final Nomad file that you open, examine, and reference as needed! This is the perfect class for those interested in creating 3D model characters and also for 3D print style characters. This class is also perfect for those looking to learn how to model/sculpt for miniatures as well! Whether you’re familiar with 3D modeling, or just getting started, nomad sculpt is a really fun way to sculpt anywhere anytime. You can also export files to other applications like Blender to continue to work with your sculpts as you need.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Getting Started

Lecture 2 Ears, Mouth, & Teefies

Lecture 3 Eyes, Nose, & Arms

Lecture 4 The Cat & the Sword

Lecture 5 Fins & Toes

Lecture 6 Lashies, Lights, & Color

Lecture 7 Final Touch-ups

Beginner to Moderate level 3D sculptors, or those looking to start creating more advanced sculpts. Mostly this is because I don’t go over the basics of the program.


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