Photo Manipulation With Adobe Photoshop : Amazing Designs (2023)

Published 5/2023
Created by Joseph adam
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 245 Lectures ( 15h 48m ) | Size: 14.9 GB

Learn to create professional and great designs step by step from A to Z

What you’ll learn
Adobe photoshop basics
Light reflection color
How to download images for your designs
how to mask images using brush
Layers system
Motorcycle race design
Transform Menu
Smart objects
Selection tools
Retouching tools
Adjustment Layer
Layer style menu
Shape tools
Brush tools
Tips and Tricks
clipping mask
Warp tool
Smart objects
Quick selection tool
Change hair backgrounds
Healing brush tool
Colorize images
Black and white styles
Change white to colors
How to type text
How to type a paragraph
Add images inside the text
Vintage effect
How to install fonts
How to create patterns
Castle text effect
Glass text effect
How to create shapes with Photoshop
Blur filters
Filter Gallery
how to use the brush tool
Create hair brush
replace Sky in images
Content aware scale tool
How to create objects reflection
How to keep objects original shadow
Create Human shadows
Coordinates effect
Glass reflection effect
Glow effect
basics of photo manipulation
Ideas and inspiration websites
Set the right object size
the Focal length
Color matching
How to set Light and Shadow
How to select images with the proper angle
How to Create the design you imagine
how to adjust objects using the distort tool
Strawberry advertising
astronaut design
Orange cup design
Burger ad design
Car racing design
Adventure design
Action design
High castles design
golfer design
painting design
Alien invasion
hackers design
Anti smoking ad
Cybercity design

Photoshop 2021 or newer
You don’t need any experience in the design field or in Photoshop

This course is to learn how to create designs and edit images using the Adobe Photoshop software.The course starts with you from scratch until you reach an advanced level without the need to any prior knowledge with the Adobe Photoshop software or in the design field in general.I will teach you in this course all you need to enter the world of design and at the end you will be able to create your own professional designs using the tools and techniques that you will learn in this course.The course has 2 parts. The first part is for beginners and the second part is advanced.The beginner’s part has 14 sections. I start by explaining how to use the Adobe Photoshop and its tools and how to create your first design on the software. Then we move to explain other tools like the transform tools and the selection tools that we use to change backgrounds. After that we move to the adjustment layer that enables us to change and set all the colours in images. In addition we will see the brush tools the shape tools and the text tools that we use to write texts and adjust them using the layer style menu. Then we take a look at the retouching tools that we use to remove the noise and any unwanted object from images and enhance them as well. I will also teach you multiple techniques in the tips and tricks section that will make it easier for you to use the software. Techniques like changing images backgrounds with a single click and setting objects shadows and how to create a mask. At the end of this part you will learn to apply multiple filters and effects to images to make them look more professional.At the end of this part you will have earned a good experience in the design field and in using the Adobe Photoshop which allows us to move to the advanced part. The advanced part is divided to 2 sections.In the first section you will learn the basics of photo manipulation like setting images size properly to fit with the design and how to edit the lighting and shadows and how to merge images using the colour balance. I will provide you with some sources to get the proper images for your designs. And a lot more of photo manipulation basics.In the second section of this part we will start working on professional designs as we will work on 15 different designs. We will create each design from scratch and we will see how to transform an idea into a real design using the techniques that I will explain to you in this section.I consider this section my favourite because it’s full of fun and passion as you will see the results of what you learned and the effort that you made to get to this level.At the end of this course you will have reached a professional level and you will be able to create your own art designs and start your career.

Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to learn design and use the Adobe Photoshop software.
Beginners , photographers, graphic designers and anyone that works in the design and video creating field
Content creators influencers and youtubers


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