Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Multilingual


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 是 iObit 公司推出的一款系统优化软件,能一键优化系统,清理垃圾文件,令你的旧电脑就像新买的一样。同时这个版本还附带了基于 Bitdefender 引擎的杀毒系统,可以为你系统中的可疑文件进行查杀,确保你的系统安全。

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 包含Advanced SystemCare专业版的全部功能外增加了木马查杀、病毒防护等安全模块。更快速的一键优化系统,清理垃圾文件,实时保护您的PC免受病毒攻击,令你的旧电脑就像新买的一样。


很多PC用户不知道自己的电脑是否被病毒感染或安全的。为了确保您的电脑免受攻击的安全,Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 具有增加其同时检测和删除最新的病毒敏感性一个全新的反病毒引擎,勒索软件,间谍软件,广告软件,拨号器和隐藏应用,保证你有一个安全和健康的PC。


随着新的DNS防护,赢取10加强,Advanced SystemCare Ultimate确保您完全从最新的病毒,恶意软件和勒索软件的实时保护他们伤害你的电脑前。冲浪保护,浏览器反跟踪和主页保护 Advanced SystemCare Ultimate将让您的隐私保密通过清洗您的上网痕迹,恢复您的浏览器劫持。

File size: 123.47 MB

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a powerful and full-scale PC security and performance utility. It provides you with a one-stop solution to protect against viruses, ransomware, and other malware to maximize your system security and privacy, as well as clean, optimize, and speed up your PC.

With the greatly improved IObit Anti-Ransomware Engine, the latest world-leading Bitdefender antivirus engine, and the greatly expanded database, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14 brings your PC security to a much higher level. It not only prevents your files from being encrypted by ransomware or illegally accessed by third-party programs, but also protects your PC against various viruses and malware like spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, hijackers, etc. In this version, the new Browser Protection integrates 5 main protection features – Surfing Protection, Anti-Tracking, Email Protection, Homepage Advisor, and Ads Removal, to provide you with one-stop protection against online scams, cryptocurrency mining attacks, invasive online tracking, digital fingerprint being stolen, homepage and search engine modifications, annoying ads, and other browser-based threats. Besides, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 14 strengthens Real-Time Protection and Sensitive Data Protection to protect your PC against malware in real time and automatically block unauthorized accesses to your sensitive data…………


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