Carlson Precision 3D 2023 Build 81508 x64


x64 | File Size: 827 MB

Carlson Software’s revolutionary Precision 3D platform combines the easy and delight of a completely 3D environment with the rigor and precision of sophisticated engineering tools. Much more than 3D just as a visualization tool, the software utilizes the newest technologies to allow users to easily combine data from a wide variety of sources to create high fidelity 3D surfaces (P3D Topo) and hydrology-related deliverables (P3D Hydro). Your 3D designs are drawn automatically to CAD, creating the deliverables you need while working in a more faster, more intuitive 3D environment.

Powerful Surface Tools

Surface Creation
-Create surfaces from point cloud data.
-No reduction for highest resolution
-Grid Reduction for faster loading of large surfaces
-Create surfaces from imported points and polylines.
-Add points and breakline polylines to existing surfaces.
-Crop and merge surfaces

Surface Editing
-Real-time surface editing with dynamic contours
-Unified calculate volumes command and includes new surface to surface volumes.
-Surfaces created or used as top surface display cut/fill volumes in properties window.
-Add/remove points
-Add breaklines
-Swap triangle edges
-Remove triangles
-Edit point elevation
-Set point elevation from slope
-Surface smoothing
-Improve ridges and valleys
-Remove dimples (small shallow spots)
-Create PAD template surfaces for cut and fill
-Simple texturing using polylines
-Crop surfaces to polyline
-Merge Surfaces

Remarkably Easy-To-Use 3D Engineering Design Software
-Full storm sewer design capability
-Speed design with revolutionary drag and drop options for selecting headwalls and endwalls
-Delineate drainage and ponding areas
-Calculate runoff from surface models
-Size culverts and place at low points
-Fit headwalls from Headwall Library using solid modeling
-Grade surfaces for both upstream and downstream designs
-Move culverts and headwalls to new locations with full dtm restoration
-Choose from multiple barrel options
-Integrate easily into Carlson Civil Suite, AutoCAD, and Microstation
ystem requirements
OS:64-bit Windows 7-10
Memory:2 GB of RAM minimum, 8+ GB recommended.



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