Maplesoft Maple Flow 2023.2


Maple Flow 是一个数学工具,可以让工程师轻松地进行头脑风暴、开发和记录他们的设计计算。Maple Flow 将简单、自由风格的界面与强大的数学引擎相结合,提供了一个虚拟”白板“形式的环境,当用户在改进、重新定位和开发工作时自动保持计算的实时性。



让您聚焦于工作,而不是工具将数学、文字、图像、绘图放置在任意位置,然后使用鼠标或键盘随意移动位置 — Maple Flow 让一切都井然有序。
涵盖数学、科学和工程各个领域的工具Maple Flow在一个计算工具中提供了技术专业人员期望的所有强大功能,包括快速求解器,内置单位跟踪,灵活的绘图等等。

Maple Flow对您的价值
在使用Maple Flow之前,您不需要一个宏大的计划或者明确的方法思路。随时随地重新组织数学和想法,就像在白板上进行头脑风暴一样。
借助Maple Flow,鼓励进行精细化。随着您的想法和解决方案的形成,您可以逐步添加文字、图像、图表等 – 并逐步创建精美的专业技术文档。

Maplesoft Maple Flow 2023.2 | 1.8 Gb

The Team Maplesoft is pleased to announce the availability of Maple Flow 2023.2 is an important update to Maple Flow 2023. It includes new features that includes new formatting and annotation features, and enhancements that make it faster to manage units and perform calculations.

What’s new in Maple Flow 2023.2
The Maple Flow 2023.2 update offers new formatting and annotation features, and enhancements to make it faster to manage units and perform calculations in your engineering worksheets.

– Enhanced layouts with page settings and annotations. The new Drawing Canvas lets you freely insert lines, shapes, and annotations in your document, while new page setting options enable you to configure margins and page size for individual worksheets.
– New options for handling of units. The Custom Unit feature allows units to be defined for specific projects, and you can now choose IPS (Inch-Pound-Second) as your global system of units.
– Streamlined evaluation of calculations – by default. By popular request, the recently introduced evaluation method that uses = to immediately evaluate a math container is now the default method. Other options remain available.
– Improved response when searching within documents. Maple Flow is now quicker at processing Find requests, and when zooming in and out.
– Usability updates: Various enhancements make Maple Flow easier to use, including:
. New shortcuts for navigating and selecting. Users can press Shift+Tab to cycle to a previous container, and can triple-click a typeset matrix or piecewise expression to select it all.
. Quickly apply background color to text containers. You can now change the background color of multiple containers at once.
. Easily denote text changes. The Strikethrough attribute is available for all fonts.
. Retain the image aspect ratio when resizing. Adjusting an image using the corner handles keeps the image proportions consistent.

Maple Flow is a new calculation tool from Maplesoft. Maple Flow offers a freeform user interface combined with a comprehensive math engine. Use MapleFlow for engineering,scientific, and technical calculations and documentation.
Maple Flow gives you
– A spatially aware mathematical canvas that replicates the design metaphor of a physical whiteboard
– Automatic recalculation to ensure that results are always up to date
– A broad, rich mathematical language with many functions
– Visually impactful, fully programmatic plots
– A coding region with full access to the Maple programming language
The Maple Flow 2023.2 update offers new formatting and annotation features, and enhancements to make it faster to manage units and perform calculations in your engineering worksheets.

Waterloo Maple Inc. is a Canadian software company, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. Maplesoft has provided mathematics-based software solutions to educators, engineers, and researchers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for over 35 years. It is best known as the manufacturer of the Maple computer algebra system, and MapleSim physical modeling and simulation software.

Owner: Waterloo Maple Inc
Product Name: Maple Flow
Version: 2023.2
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english & japanese
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 1.8 Gb




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