Cadence FINE MARINE 12.1 x64


最新版本的FINE/Marine 包括更快的适航性计算、用于阻力计算的粗网格初始化、使用 Rhino 插件更快的几何准备以及对解决方案拟合网格的改进。

C-Wizard 中添加了两项突破性的功能。

  • 更快的适航性计算 :即使没有集群环境的用户现在也可以在实际的计算时间内计算适航性。 瞬态模拟可以在半天内完成,几乎不会损失准确性。 请尝试。
  • 用于阻力计算的粗网格初始化: 只需单击一下,您就可以在您的项目中使用粗网格初始化,将 C-Wizard 的易用性与系统细化标准相结合。 注意:此功能处于测试阶段,因为生成粗网格的指南不完整。

使用 Rhino 插件加速

许多用户期望此功能能够加快几何创建速度。 它发生了。 Rhino 插件现在可以从存储在图层中的表面检索现有名称。 如果您更改表面,当您再次运行插件时它将保留其名称。


  • 引入时间平均标准:这个新选项允许您对标准执行时间平均以适应网格。 提高时间稳定性,这对于不稳定流动很有用。
  • 引入了系统的细化标准来一次性细化整个网格。 这允许您在粗网格上启动加速斜坡,并将最终解决方案收敛到更精细的网格上。 这种“多重网格”方法降低了计算成本,特别是对于具有精细网格和长加速瞬态的模拟。

x64 | File Size: 2.17 GB

Naval architects and engineers need the best tools for the job, and that is why we have created Cadence Fine Marine Solver, CFD software that functions as a virtual towing tank, replacing experimental facilities, or numerical sea trials, enabling engineers to design ships directly at full scale, with advanced, built-in automation features for speed and ease of use.

Pinnacle of Ship Simulation and Marine Engineering
With decades of solver development experience gained working with the world’s top naval architects, Fine Marine offers marine engineers dedicated, highly automated, and easy-to-use full CFD workflows for the design and optimization of any vessel.

Free Surface Flows
Fine Marine can be used as both a virtual towing tank and virtual wind tunnel. It has been developed with a total focus on flows involving free surfaces. This requires efficient free surface modeling considering both water and air, appropriate turbulence modeling, and efficient grid adaptation.

Reaching EEDI/EEXI Targets
CFD simulation is key to reaching the energy efficiency targets set out by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) regulates emissions for new-build ships, and the Energy Efficiency Index (EEXI) measures CO2 emissions for all ships, rating them from A to E. Fine Marine offers the solution to calculating and finding the best efficiency improvements for ships. Assess performance and explore a wide range of design alternatives to gain efficiency and evaluate potential cost implications before any sea trial or retrofit takes place.

Automation for All Marine Flow Simulations
-Resistance at low and high Froude numbers
-Planing hulls
-Velocity Prediction Program (VPP)
-Trim optimization

System Requirements
OS:Windows 10 Professional/Windows 11 Professional/Windows Server 2019
Space:2 GB disk space



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