Photo Mechanic 6.0.6856 x64


一款简单易用的图片浏览管理工具。如何更好的管理图片呢?那么不妨来使用小编带来的这款Camera Bits Photo Mechanic破解版。该款工具能够快速进行旋转、预览、复制、删除、作标签、重命名和添加关键词等操作,而且可以进行批处理。除此之外,还能帮你在预览方式中从近似的几张照片中找到最好的,还可以将选定的照片做成幻灯片。

Windows x64 | Languages: English | File Size: 173.68 MB

Use Photo Mechanic® 6 to view, organize, manage, and export digital photos. The minute you put down the camera, your post-processing workflow begins. The most productive photographers in the world use Photo Mechanic’s powerful features to make managing photos faster and easier. Quickly ingest photos from your memory cards and pick your winners without having to wait.

Use tools originally created for photographers under the world’s most extreme deadlines to add information such as captions, keywords, and copyright to your images as fast as possible. Finally, deliver those images to the world with powerful export features. Photo Mechanic speeds up your workflow, and you take all the credit.

Fast Viewing / Culling
Go from your memory card to working on your best images faster than ever before. Ingest, cull, rate, and organize for a quicker, more efficient workflow.

Work How You Want
Let’s work together. Photo Mechanic is built to play nice with your other post-processing and creative tools so that you’re in control.

Captions, Keywords, and Copyright
A picture is worth a thousand words, but only the embedded metadata counts. Get your images tagged faster with crucial info like credit and copyright to protect your business.

What’s New in Photo Mechanic® 6:
We’ve listened to you, our loyal users, and refined and improved Photo Mechanic® to make it even better and to help you work faster, up to three times faster, in fact! The result is Photo Mechanic 6. Read on to see some of the new features:

Photo Mechanic is now a 64-bit application, which allows more and better caching of images to keep you working at your fastest

Faster Viewing
Image caching improvements increases thumbnail / preview generation speed by approximately 2-3x

Ingest from Selection
Copy only the images you need from your memory card to your hard drive

Streamlined UI
We’ve taken your feedback and improved the interface to make it more efficient, less distracting, and easier to use

Better Fullscreen
Fullscreen support on macOS and Windows for both the Contact Sheet and Preview windows (including both at same time on different monitors)

Reverse Geocoding
If your photos are geotagged, Photo Mechanic will use those GPS coordinates to insert the city, state, and country names into your metadata

Better Crop tool
A new grid helps you crop to your best composition, then press ‘p’ to preview a crop quickly.

Better Slide Shows
Now with multiple transitions including crossfade and add Tag, Color Class or Star Ratings during a Slide Show

Hot Codes
This powerful feature saves tons of time for the hardcore Code Replacement users 

– Fixed a problem with rendering 32-bit PNG files with alpha channel information.
– Copy/Paste/Cut/Select All contextual menu functionality returned to text fields.
– Preview window no longer loses focus after deleting a photo.
– ‘The parameter is incorrect’ error in IPTC/XMP settings on Windows 8, 8.1, 10 has been fixed. It was related to an invalid choice for the Spellchecker language.
– Startup issue where a dialog stating that “One of PM’s subsystems failed to initialize.
– This may indicate an installation issue.” should no longer appear.
– Shutdown issue where a dialog stating that “The Dynamic UI system is taking awhile to stop. Continue waiting?” should no longer appear.
– GPS map dialogs that were incorrectly showing coordinates (those that had commas in the decimal place) have been fixed.
– Cropping issue where it was using commas instead of decimals fixed. This would cause crops that had been previously drawn with PM5 to appear incorrect on PM6.Win/Mac Both:
– Redesigned one of the registration dialogs to make it easier for PM5 users to try PM6.
– Selection issue fixed: when separating and joining RAW and JPEG images or when a new JPEG is produced from a RAW file, the selection is now maintained for the joined pair.
– Selection issue fixed: when deleting a selection an appropriate image next to the selection that was deleted is selected.
– Render Cache now detects changes in TIFF, PSD, DNG, files and updates its cache.
– Moving files where the source file could not be parsed (for instance a damaged image file) no longer causes loss of the file.
– World Region and Location ID now applied when Location Taken group is selected to apply.
– Dropbox Upload template updated due to denial of full access request by Dropbox. We resubmitted the app for the more restrictive “App Folder Access” which should be easier to gain Production status. Current users of the existing template will have to reauthorize their account. Uploaded files will be found in Apps/Photo Mechanic Uploads/ path.
– Reorganized Tools menu and added separators.
– Added separators to contextual menu for Contact Sheet and Preview windows.
– Fixed an intermittent authentication error with the Zenfolio uploader.
– Added support for Panasonic models DC-S1R, DC-TZ90, and DC-FZ82.
– Uploaders that use OAuth will now notify when tokens need re-validating.
– Variables based on the file modification date/time now report local data/time not GMT date/time.

Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (64-bit versions)


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