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Professor Teaches Outlook 2021 is a computer training course designed to teach you everything you need to know about the premier e-mail program for business. Unlike other computer training that use videos to show you how to use a program, Professor Teaches provides hands-on training in a realistic simulation of the actual Outlook 2021 software.

What Is Microsoft Outlook 2021?
Microsoft Outlook is an extremely popular e-mail program used by millions of people worldwide. Outlook 2021 is the latest version of the program and belongs to the Microsoft Office Suite of products. Used by professionals and students all over the world, this e-mail program promises greater e-mail organization, search, communication and social networking features.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Microsoft Outlook 2021?
– Discover how to become more effective in your communication
– Keep your calendar organized and become more time efficient
– Build stronger relationships with an organized contact list
– Get more done by keeping your task list up-to-date

What You Will Learn in Professor Teaches Outlook 2021?
Our extensive computer training course will cover the following topics

– Learn how to use Outlook views
– Learn how to read and reply to e-mail
– Learn how to save attached files
– Learn how to plan meetings
– Learn how to print calendars
– Learn how to use the journal

Every Professor Teaches Course Includes
– Practice in a Realistic Simulation of the Software
– Hundreds of Learning Topics
– 4 to 8 Hours of Training per Course
– Realistic Simulations
– Beginner to Advanced Topics
– Self-Paced Learning Objectives
– Introductions and Summaries
– Interactive Exercises
– Professional Voice Narration
– End-of-Chapter Quiz Questions
– Checkmarks for Completed Topics
– Glossary, Index, and Search
– Professor Answers for Instant Training

System Requirements
Windows® PC • Windows® 11, 10, or 8 • Average 150 MB hard drive space available per application • 1280 x 768, 16-bit color display recommended • Sound card • Mouse • Speakers or headphones



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