Vero Recreate 2023.3 x64


Vero Recreate是一款逆向工程软件,可降低工作流程复杂性,从而创建更快、更灵活的设计、生产和检测环境。REcreate消除了逆向工程的复杂性,为新产品建模以及维修或更换零件创造了更智能,更快,更灵活的设计和生产环境。

REcreate 具有高度灵活性,通过集成可以创建 2D 图纸和 CAD 模型的 CAD 系统,与传统的逆向工程软件区分开来。REcreate 适合任何现有的生产工作流程,并且用途广泛,可以用作独立产品,与不使用 CAM 数据的机器一起工作,或作为端到端 CAD 到 CAM 解决方案的一部分。其他关键功能包括直接建模,这使用户可以轻松形成所需的形状。

x64 | File Size: 1,32 GB

Discover REcreate, the reverse engineering software that reduces workflow complexity to create a faster and more flexible design, production and inspection environment.REcreate takes the complexity out of reverse engineering to create a smarter, faster and more flexible design and production environment for modelling new products and for repairing or replacing parts.

Making sophisticated design simple
Highly flexible, REcreate stands apart from traditional reverse engineering software by incorporating a CAD system that can create 2D drawings as well as CAD models. REcreate fits into any existing production workflow and is versatile enough to be used as a standalone product, working with machines that don’t use CAM data, or as part of an end-to-end CAD to CAM solution. Other key functionalities include direct modelling, which makes it easy for users to form the shape the require.

A full range of reverse engineering applications
The ease-of-use and interoperability of REcreate make it simple for users to capture data by connecting directly to scanning devices or importing mesh, solid, surface or point cloud data. They can model designs in a single environment using a full array of modelling data and manufacture using CAD/CAM – as well as validate quality. And they can start at whichever point in the reverse engineering process that best suits their needs.

With REcreate manufacturers and OEMs can
-Reconstruct legacy parts
-Develop innovative products from existing parts
-Ensure a precise fit for new components
-Create CAD for parts when none exist
-Up date design files to reflect changes that occurred during manufacturing or prototyping.

And because REcreate is designed to operate with a wide range of third-party systems, it can be used either as a fully end-to-end reverse engineering solution or as a complement to existing technology.


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