Extract Any Mail Pro Ultimate 1.0.1


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The new Extract Any Mail Ultimate can extract emails from office365, Hotmail, yahoo, gmail, outlook and any other mail account inbox, spam, sent and other folders using IMAP technology. The new version supports latest grid technology that will give you excel like experience to filter and sort extracted emails.It is very important for internet marketers to get close with their clients. Sometimes, we need to get all the IDs from our inbox. We can use webmail but this is a tedious task. So why not use an automated system.

Extract Any Mail Pro will store all your account. It works using multiple threads and very fast. Once you get the email ids you can save them in multiple formats. It is good list management software also.

Do not lose your precious marketing data stored in your own email ID. Works with your own business emails too. If you do not know the correct IMAP address then contact our support team, they will help you configure Extract Any Mail Ultimate with your emails.

Advance Data Analytics​
Extract Any Mail Ultimate allows you to sort extracted emails by multiple headers. You can also use excel like filters to filter by date, email name, email account and many more. Bring data analytics power to your marketing data.
Account Store​

Extract Any Mail Ultimate store all your account in local databases. So next time you can easily add to task list. Also account store in local databases means no online interaction and privacy fully protected. Account password is encrypted and 100% safe from intruders.

Other Features!​

Extract Any Mail Ultimate works with any ports mentioned. It supports SSL authentication.

User just need to mention his/her id. They can add any number of ID they needed to extract. Then Extract Any Mail Ultimate will do the rest for them.

Extract Any Mail Ultimate is very easy to use. It has a good User Interface that helps users navigate easily. Also it contains a comprehensive Task Management window.

Extract Any Mail Ultimate is too fast. It creates background threads and can perform the same task quickly.

Extract Any Mail Ultimate supports saving result list in multiple formats. So it is always easy to maintain potential Email IDs.




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