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一款功能齐全且经济实惠的 CAD 查看器,专为非专业人员设计,用于可视化和交流工程数据。 CADbro 包含智能 2D/3D CAD 查看、生动的 3D 注释、先进的分析技术和云服务,随时可以方便的共享和管理,与团队中其他相关人员一起在3D空间中查看、注释、分析和协作处理3D模型!方便的进行交互操作,您可以添加注释一边对重要的数据和区域进行突出显示,支持在导入的3D模型上直接创建尺寸、机械符号、文字等,编辑功能允许用户更方便的进行评论记录、修改和标记操作。产品结构、装配是否可行也能够进行准确的查询和分析,各种信息、性能等都能够真实完整的进行评估,从而发现产品是否可制造,发现有问题的立即在产品开发阶段就解决掉,改进策略,优化方案,修改设计,大大缩短产品上市时间并大大节省项目投资。

x64 | Lanugages:Multilanguage | File Size: 727 MB

CADbro is a full-featured and budget-friendly CAD viewer, especially designed for non-professionals to visualize and communicate engineering data. Packed with smart 2D/3D CAD viewing, vivid 3D annotation, advanced analysis technologies and cloud service, CADbro can deliver your team highly efficient internal & external cooperation, greatly shortened time-to-market and largely saved project investment.

Convenient CADbro Cloud
CADbro Cloud, the online CAD viewing function, can help you manage and share the 3D files in any place with any device. It can deliver smooth collaboration with high efficiency to your team.
Easily view and manage 3D files anytime & anywhere on your PC or portable devices.
Easily share 3D files via links, making it possible to cooperate via web browsers.

Smart CAD Viewing
As over 25 kinds of file formats are supported in CADbro, you can easily access & interact with 2D and 3D CAD data without expensive CAD licenses.
Easily view and manage 3D files anytime & anywhere on your PC or portable devices.
Easily share 3D files via links, making it possible to cooperate via web browsers.
Open third-party files directly
Export multiple formats in batches
Export lightweight formats like 3D PDF and HTML

Vivid 3D Annotation
Easily add 3D annotations to share complex 3D product data and highlight specific areas.
Directly create dimensions, mechanical symbols, texts etc. on the imported 3D models
Smartly measure different geometry information with one single command
Intuitively record comments, modifications and stamps with the Markup functions

Advanced Analysis

With diversified query & analysis tools in CADbro, you can verify the manufacturability of product structure and assembly. Detection of errors in early-stage product development can reduce cost and shorten time to market.

What can be analyzed ?
Physical properties, such as volume, area, mass moments…
Draft angles, wall thickness, part compare…
Interference check, exploded view, dynamic section…

You can modify models with Direct Edit tools. Any design comments and revision suggestions can be clearly communicated between different departments or suppliers.
Check open edges and then heal dirty models automatically with gaps filled
Simplify face, move/offset face, copy/move/mirror shape
Create images rapidly with the Screenshot function
Create 2D projected views for 3D models with a single click

System Requirements
OS:Microsoft® Windows 8.1/Microsoft® Windows 10
CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo @2GHz or above, or equivalent AMD® proces
RAM:Recommended configuration: 4G or above
GPU:nVIDIA Quadro FX 580 @ 512MB or above, or equivalent AMD GraphIC Card



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