Boris FX CrumplePop Complete 2024.0.3 x64

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Boris FX CrumplePop is the ultimate audio plugin toolkit. Make your audio sound its absolute best with cutting-edge AI technology. It’s never been easier to take on common audio problems such as background noise, echo, traffic, wind, and more, as well as enhance voice quality for a professional finish. CrumplePop audio tools are simple to use if you’re a beginner and also powerful enough to meet the daily demands of audio professionals.

Plugin for removing plosive sounds from your videos and podcasts
Popping “p” and “b” sounds are common problems in podcasts and voiceovers. These plosive noises occur when a blast of air, such as your talent’s breath, hits the microphone. PopRemover intelligently targets and removes only the problematic plosive noise, leaving the voice intact.

Automatically remove rustle noise from lapel mics
Lapel microphone rustle noise is an everyday issue. It’s something you c?onstantly hear with collar mics if the speaker moves or brushes against the microphone. RustleRemover intelligently targets and removes only lav mic rustle noise, leaving the voice intact.

All CrumplePop audio tools in one simple desktop app for Mac and Windows
Echo, fan noise, mic bumps, electrical hum. Even wind noise. SoundApp removes problem noise in seconds.
Are some parts of your audio too quiet, while others are too loud? SoundApp sets all your levels for you. Just drop in your video or podcast, adjust some simple controls, and you’re done.

Plugin for removing echo and reverb from your videos and podcasts
Reverb is distracting and creates distance between the speaker and the audience. If your audio is recorded in a space with room echo, it can make your entire video or podcast sound unprofessional. EchoRemover by CrumplePop automatically removes room echo from your audio, leaving voices sounding clear and natural.

Automatically remove hiss, background noise, and hum from your audio
AudioDenoise allows you to remove noise that would be impossible to tackle with other plugins. Complex noise – like an air conditioner with 60-cycle hum – just melts away. And thanks to our brand-new AI, voices are left sounding clear and natural.

Plugin for removing car traffic noise from videos and podcasts
Recording your interview, podcast, or vlog outside can present challenges like dreaded traffic noise. Even when you record audio inside, traffic noise from an open window can add distracting background noise levels. TrafficRemover intelligently identifies and removes car, bus, and truck traffic noise.

Automatically remove wind noise
Wind noise is a notorious problem. Any time you shoot video or record audio outdoors – even if you’re using a physical windscreen mounted on the mic – a small amount of wind can ruin your audio. WindRemover intelligently targets and removes only wind noise, leaving the voice intact.




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