Hot Door CADtools 14.1.1 for Adobe Illustrator 2024


Hot Door CADTools是一款优秀的工程制图Adobe Illustrator插件包,利用CADTools,那么你的Illustrator就可以用来做很多原本Autocad才方便做的事。简单来说就是Cadtools整合了一套完整的工程制图工具,安装了Cadtools插件的Illustrator 软件用鼠标点击即可绘制出任何大小、具有标注的插图。新版本的CADTools改进和扩充了绘制和标注工具,并把所用的工具分成了六组:2D制图、2D编辑、2D标注、标签、等量绘制、等量标注。新版本的CADTools特征包括:等量制图、投影及标注,双标注和公差,切线工具,改进的标注和标签,完美的修整工具等。

Languages: Multilingual
File Size: 167.08 MB

CADtools – Precision drawing and dimensioning power inside Adobe Illustrator. Click and drag dimensions or labels on every possible object, path, or point in space. Live dimensions follow and respond to artwork changes.

Draw, dimension & label
Click and drag dimensions or labels that follow and respond to artwork changes
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Works just like Illustrator
Over 100 tools seamlessly integrated with no learning curve
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Beautiful styles
Customize live dimensions and labels with control over terminators, text placement and much more

Paste with scale
Copy and paste at different scales without doing any math – It just works

Labels for any design task
Incremental, geometry, custom and structured labels in hundreds of styles

Move & measure with precision
Full control over points, paths and objects including length, perimeter and area

Zoom in on the details
Automatically generate close-up views in any scale

Unlimited scales
Select from a wide range of engineering and architectural or custom scales

System Requirements
Adobe Illustrator 2024 (v28)




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