Simerics-MP+ 6.0.0


Simerics-MP: 全领域流体应用仿真软件

Simerics-MP 具备核心的三维CFD计算能力和物理模型,从而能够精确仿真各类流体应用问题,包括单相流/多相流,湍流,空化/气化,热传导/质量传递,颗粒,流固耦合及多组分混合等。Simerics-MP 内部嵌入了最完整的物理模型,能够实现对流体模型地快速生成和仿真以及精确预测。在基于MPI(多机分布式)并行的情况下,还可达到更高的求解速度。同时,软件还能实现在微观尺度建立并反映复杂模型的细节。

Simerics-MP+ 在具备了Simerics-MP所有功能的基础上,又增加了许多高级应用模块,包括一体化设置流程,针对运动部件的自动网格生成和网格再划分,以及数据自定义等功能。同时,Simerics-MP+ 的所有模块都包含了针对各行业应用的特定仿真模板,能够覆盖各领域的专业问题。各个应用方向如下:

  • Simerics-MP+ for Marine:针对船舶领域应用
  • Simerics-MP+ for Vehicle:针对汽车领域应用
  • Simerics-MP+ for Turbo:针对透平机械领域应用
  • Simerics-MP+ for PD:针对容积式机械领域应用
  • Simerics-MP+ for Valves:针对阀门领域应用
  • Simerics-MP+ for Systems:针对系统仿真领域应用
  • PumpLinx:针对旋转机械领域应用


  • Orca 3D Marine CFD:与船舶领域专业设计软件Orca 3D进行整合
  • Cero Flow Analysis:与PTC公司设计软件Cero进行整合
  • Simerics MP for Solidworks:与达索公司设计软件Solidworks进行整合

Simerics-MP+ 6.0.0 | 1.7 Gb

Simerics is pleased to announce the new version of Simerics-MP/MP+ 6.0.0 software. With this new release, there are several new modeling capabilities including, optimization (Simerics-OPT), noise modeling, improved Volume of Fluid (VOF) implementation, among others.

With the new version of Simerics, Version 6.0, all the advantages of Simerics-CFD is now accentuated with the addition of the optimizer (Simerics-OPT) all coupled inside the same GUI. With this addition, customers can now run the rapid fast CFD-OPT simulations to improve performance, head, efficiencies or any of their desired parameters all inside the Simerics GUI.

For parameterization of the pump model, CF-Turbo, a pump designing tool is utilized to alter the design based on the optimization results and provide an updated design for Simerics-CFD and Simerics-OPT to analyze.

Release of Simerics-MP/Simerics-MP+ V6.0

– Volume of Fluid (VOF) implementation incredibly fast rates
– Multiple heat transfer schemes for VOF (Implicit, Hybrid (2nd order, High Resolution)
– Improved General Gear Template to handle any arbitrary number of gears including planetary gearbox lubrication, spur/helical gear pumps
– In-house native optimizer with GUI – DOE and parametric studies
– Acoustics module for noise prediction (fan, propeller etc.)
– Faster mixed timescale coupling heat transfer
– Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) module that mimics the actual PID controller
– Data exchange module for seamless data transfer
– Marine template capable to handle ship hydro dynamics in both regular and irregular waves.

Simerics-MP includes essential 3D CFD functionalities and physical models that allow accurate virtual testing of a wide range of fluid flow and heat transfer applications. Simerics-MP® was developed by Simerics taking into account the latest CFD architecture and high-performance algorithms and physical models. For liquid systems, Simerics ’cavitation model calculates precise steam, free gases and liquid compressibility to analyze performance analyzes, pressure fluctuations and cavitation damage. Simerics-MP provides numerical functionalities, which correspond to the state of the art, together with simple operation and at more favorable conditions than the competition.
Simerics-MP+ is an extension of the Simerics-MP CFD software. The program offers unique modeling options in the development and fluidic analysis of pumps, motors, compressors, valves and other systems with rotating and / or sliding components. Thanks to model templates specially adapted to the application, which include special networking strategies and the kinematics of the machine to be simulated, simulation models can be set up effectively in a very short time. The cavitation model takes into account the gases contained in the fluid, the fluid compressibility and cavitation vapor. Simerics-MP + and Simerics-MP are able to reliably calculate even difficult problems with strong cavitation and complex geometries.

Simerics Inc. develops, markets, and supports CAE software for the virtual simulation and testing of fluid pumps, valves, compressors, motors, and systems. Simerics is focused on providing tools that allow manufacturers to reduce expensive hardware testing and provide unique insight into their products. Founded in 2005, Simerics provides the advantage of the latest in simulation technology.

Owner: Simerics Inc.
Product Name: Simerics-MP+
Version: 6.0.0
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 1.7 Gb



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