ADINA 2023 Minor Update 1 (


ADINA 2023 Minor Update 1 ( | 564.8 mb

ADINA R & D Inc., a part Bentley Systems, team is pleased to announce the availability of ADINA 2023 Minor Update 1 ( is powerful finite element software, built to help you solve the most difficult nonlinear problems involving geometric, material, and load nonlinearities; large deformations; and contact conditions.

What’s new in ADINA 2023 Minor Update 1 ( – Release Date: January 2024
We are pleased to announce Minor Update 1 for ADINA 2023. This is version for Windows, and a bug-fix release only.

Product Version Naming Convention
Product versioning for Bentley Systems is now based on the calendar year of the major release according to software industry practice. This is the first ADINA Minor release following the 2023 version, thus version
Changes in Licensing
There have been no changes in licensing since the last version. ADINA is still licensed in 3 tiers, ADINA, ADINA Advanced and ADINA Ultimate with an optional ADINA Parasolid Modeler interface that works with any tier.

Civil, structural, and mechanical engineers choose ADINA software for its authoritative veracity, including in analysis of buildings, bridges, stadiums, pressure vessels, dams, and tunnels. By virtue of the ADINA System’s integral robustness across disciplines, materials, and simulation domains (structures, mechanical, fluids, thermal, electromagnetic, and multi-physics), engineers use it to perform comprehensive safety and performance studies where reliability and resilience are of critical importance. With infrastructure digital twins, users can simulate the complete behavior of structures to create confidence in designs that are much safer and more cost-effective than those merely analyzed to meet prescribed code standards. Of particular importance for infrastructure resilience, ADINA will also be applied within digital twins of existing infrastructure assets, now made practical by the Bentley iTwin platform, to simulate their responses and vulnerabilities to stresses so extreme that nonlinear effects must be considered—caused (for instance) by seismic, wind, flood, pressure, thermal, collision, or blast forces. The ADINA System’s nonlinear simulation capabilities will in turn become directly accessible, through convenient technical and commercial integration, to users of Bentley Systems’ uniquely comprehensive modeling and simulation software portfolio for infrastructure engineering. As the ADINA System’s nonlinear extensions are introduced to complement these existing physical simulation applications—currently spanning STAAD, RAM, SACS, MOSES, AutoPIPE, PLAXIS, LEAP, RM, LARS, SPIDA, and PLS—the scope of mainstream simulation underlying the engineering of infrastructure resilience will be valuably enhanced. ADINA’s advantages also include advanced dynamics, 3D solid FEM, buckling, substructuring, and advanced meshing for critical joints and sections.

Recently, Seth Guthrie, Director of Structural Product Management, spoke with Informed Infrastructure podcast host Todd Danielson. Seth shared how leveraging the analytical power of ADINA software can help you perform more flexible analysis of your nonlinear systems.
The development of ADINA was started, and the foundation established, by Dr. K.J. Bathe in 1974. Soon thereafter, in 1975, Dr. K.J. Bathe joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1986, he founded ADINA R&D, Inc. for fostering the development of the ADINA system. He is a leading world-renowned researcher in the field of finite element analysis who has authored several textbooks and numerous journal papers. Dr. Bathe leads the development of the ADINA system.
Bentley Systems is the infrastructure engineering software company. We provide innovative software to advance the world’s infrastructure – sustaining both the global economy and environment.
Bentley Systems recently announced the acquisition of ADINA R&D, Inc., developer of finite element analysis software applications. The addition of ADINA’s technology to Bentley’s software applications will further strengthen Bentley’s structural software offerings. Users will gain even greater confidence in their structural software designs.

Owner: ADINA R&D, Inc.
Product Name: ADINA
Version: 2023 Minor Update 1 (
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 564.8 mb



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