Cadence Fidelity 2023.2-1 HF1 x64


一套全面的计算流体力学 (CFD) 解决方案,适用于多种工业领域,包括汽车、叶轮机械、船舶、航空航天等。Fidelity CFD 引入了新一代流体求解器。该求解器可提供高阶数值格式、尺度解析仿真和大规模硬件加速功能,可助力提高仿真性能,在确保准确度的同时缩短研发周期。

x64 | File Size: 7,90 GB

Fidelity CFD is the end-to-end solution for all CFD-related applications. The dedicated tools within the Fidelity CFD environment can solve each step of the simulation process quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, Fidelity CFD was designed with ease-of-use in mind with an intuitive and application-driven interface or through automated processes with the Python API or optimization module available.

The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) industry faces increasing demand for efficiency, fidelity, and speed. Don’t settle for tried-and-true solutions when you step into environments that have yet to be developed. Improved real behavioral modeling of systems yields greater degrees of fidelity and security for the products you send out into the world. The requirements for multidisciplinary modeling, analysis, and optimization are vast include

-Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) coupling flow and heat transfer
-Fluid-structure interactions (FSI)
-Fluid-chemistry and multiphase interactions such as combustion
-Aeroacoustics coupling flow and noise

Reduce your workflow into the customized, automated version you desire
The software necessary for realistic modeling of fluid flows grows increasingly competent and complex. Using the Fidelity CFD environment, you can trust any computational challenge to be handled with both accuracy and speed. Custom fit this CFD simulation software to solve the difficulties you are experiencing in your design and verification cycle.

Watertight gap geometry in minutes
With Fidelity Autoseal technology, reduce the time necessary for gap geometry modeling and move ahead at full speed.

Iterative flow analysis
Segment your designs by fidelity needs and speed necessities and ensure that your workflow is accomplished at the customized rate you need.

Customizable GUI
Use only what’s necessary and relevant in your potential workflow. Customize your direct interface with the products and workflow you want.

Trust in Fidelity CFD to provide high-fidelity simulation
With CFD workflows being reassessed every cycle to optimize and improve for greater levels of fidelity and speed, Fidelity CFD serves your simulation necessities by offering a highly automated, customizable solution.

System Requirements
OS:Windows 10/Windows 11
CPU:Intel/AMD The x86_64 CPU must be AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions) compatible.
Space:2 GB disk space (512 GB recommended)
GPU:OpenGL-compatible monitor with at least 1920×1080 screen resolution (up to 4K)/Dedicated professional graphics card supporting 3D hardware-accelerated OpenGL
OpenGL 4.1 or higher

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