Dlubal Software 2024 (rev.02062024)


结构分析和设计软件公司 Dlubal 发布了产品的新更新。 Dlubal Software 用于结构设计和 FEM 的结构分析软件的开发、测试、销售和支持均已通过 DIN EN ISO 9001 管理体系认证。

Dlubal Software 2024 (rev.02062024) | 7.3 Gb
Languages Supported: Deutsch, English, English (US), Français, Español,
Português, Italiano, Česky, Polski, Pусский, 简体中文

Structural Analysis and Design software company Dlubal has revealed new updates to products. The development, testing, sales and support of structural analysis software for structural design and FEM by Dlubal Software are certified for the management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

The structural engineering programs RSTAB and RFEM are ideal for designing and analyzing 2D or 3D timber structures such as beams, continuous beams, frames, truss girders, glulam trusses, timber sandwich plates, timber panel walls, timber frame houses, bridges, towers, and more. Whether you design beam structures or surface elements such as cross-laminated timber plates (CLT), there are various options for simple and complex structures.
The structural FEA software RFEM for analysis and design of plates, walls, shells, solids, and frame structures is a powerful program for various tasks of modern civil engineering. This program forms the basis of a modular software system: RFEM determines internal forces, deformations, and support reactions of general plate structures with or without member and solid elements. The program version RFEM 5 provides a wide range of useful features and options for efficient and user-friendly work on your structural analysis projects.
With RSTAB , Dlubal’s structural analysis program for spatial frameworks (German: Räumliche STABwerke), you’ve got a powerful tool to cope with a variety of different tasks in civil engi-neering. The program represents the basis for Dlubal’s analysis software composed of various design modules: RSTAB determines internal forces, deformations and support reactions of general framework structures. Then, the results can be used in add-on modules for specific de-signs and other analyses. The program version RSTAB 8 offers you several useful features and options emphasizing user-friendliness and easy program handling when working on structural analysis projects.
COMPOSITE-BEAM automatically analyzes the resulting internal forces and carries out all relevant verification according to following the standards. The results are displayed in the spreadsheet masks. They are sorted by the required analysis standards and thus enable an easy orientation. The user`s control over the input as well as the interpretation of the results is facilitated through 3D visualization. All graphics can be edited and transferred to the Printout Report. The Dlubal COMPOSITE-BEAM program performs design of composite beams according to: ENV 1994‑1‑1:1992‑10. The program is based on bidirectional communication between RSTAB and the add‑on modules.
CRANEWAY expands DLUBAL’S product range by the crane runway girder design. Thanks to the well-known user-friendliness of Dlubal programs, you can carry out even complicated analyses according to EN 1993-6, DIN 4132, and DIN 18800 in an easy and comprehensible way.The crane runway girder is specified in the CRANEWAY module. Based on the defined loadings, the program creates load cases that are combined in load positions. Each load position results in three load combinations. Each load combination is calculated with three loading levels in order to determine the internal forces for the general stress design, the deformation analysis, or the fatigue design. The internal forces are determined according to the second-order analy-sis for warping torsion. With these calculated internal forces, CRANEWAY provides the appro-priate analyses according to EN 1993-6, DIN 4132, or DIN 18800.
PLATE-BUCKLING is pow-erful tool for designing plate-like structural components. Country-specific regulations are tak-en into account by National Annexes (NA). In addition to the parameters included in the pro-gram, you can define your own limit values or create new National Annexes.PLATE-BUCKLING can be used as a stand-alone program or as an add-on module in RSTAB or RFEM. In the add-on module, you can import design-relevant input data and internal forces from the current RSTAB or RFEM model. Finally, the design process can be documented in the global printout report, from input data to design. The European standard Eurocode 3 (EN 1993-1- 5:2010-12 + NA 2010-12) describes design and construction of plate-like structural steel components used in the member states of the Euro-pean Union.
The SHAPE-MASSIVE cross-section properties software runs independently of the main program. The program determines the section properties of any thick-walled cross-section and calculates the stresses. Furthermore, it is possible to perform the reinforced concrete design according to Eurocode 2 and other standards.
RX-TIMBER is a DLUBAL program family that meets specific demands in timber engineering. With the programs included in the RX-TIMBER package you can analyze various structural components (glued-laminated beams, continuous beams, timber columns, coupled purlins, frames, bracing, and roofs) in the ultimate limit state, the serviceability limit state, and fire resistance design according to Eurocode 5. The governing result combinations are created automatically with the add-on module RF-COMBI that is integrated in RX-TIMBER. All of the RX-TIMBER programs are able to perform the ultimate and the serviceability limit state design.
SHAPE-THIN is a professional, user-friendly program for the analysis and design of thin-walled cross-sections. The stand-alone module is based on the effective program concept of the RSTAB and RFEM software family. For example, the user is able to exchange different sectional elements between individual SHAPE files with drag & drop. At the same time, the internal forces and moments of member elements can be taken from any.

Since 1987, Dlubal Software has continuously developed and optimized user-friendly and powerful programs for structural analysis and design. With more than 280 employees at 9 locations providing continuous software support, Dlubal Software has gained more than 86,000 satisfied users worldwide.

Owner: Dlubal Software
Product Name: Dlubal Structural Analysis and Design Software
Version: Suite 2024 (rev.02062024) *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : http://www.dlubal.com
Languages Supported: multilanguage
System Requirements: Windows **
Size: 7.3 Gb

* included:



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