Micha 1.0.0


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Migrating data from one format to another is necessary in numerous instances, regardless of the latest advancements in the format compatibility of apps, in an attempt to achieve better interoperability. Bridging the gap between EML files and Excel, this app targets such conversions for email data.

Micha will allow you to batch convert EML or EMLX email data, as well as MSG format files to XLSX Excel format, arranged into corresponding spreadsheets.

Micha comes with a very simple installation process, but users must be aware that they will need to have .NET Runtime 6.0 installed on their systems in order for the app to function. Apart from that, there are no other special requirements.

Having passed the simple and straightforward deployment process, users will then have access to a very straightforward handling, as the app’s design incorporates very few elements and is being kept to a minimum in terms of features. Which in this case, given its scope and intended purpose, is a good thing.

One of the advantages (or disadvantages) of the application is that it works with entire directories containing the folders that are to be converted. This can be a good thing, especially in terms of processing efficiency.

However, if you wish to select multiple individual files from different input sources, you will not be able to. You will have to move all the files that are to be processed to a corresponding directory, which is not ideal in terms of efficiency.

While featuring a very simple demeanor and overall straightforward processing, Micha does not offer very advanced features in terms of conversion, and in addition to batch processing for single directories, it lacks more options for selecting multiple individual files.





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