Noesis Optimus 2023.2 SP1


OPTIMUS是比利时Noesis Solutions公司的著名集成优化产品。 Noesis Solutions公司作为专业的CAE流程集成和设计优化的公司具有10年以上的CAE和优化的工程经验和深厚的技术积累,使其不仅成为软件产品的供应商,也为用户解决其多学科集成和优化设计问题提供宝贵的专业知识和经验。公司多年来对新方法、新技术持之以恒的投入和开发,使得OPTIMUS多年来始终在同类产品中处于领先位置,受到用户的接受和肯定,目前在汽车、航空航天、船舶、电子、新能源、机械、重工、医疗和电器等多个行业广泛应用。
作为多学科的仿真集成平台,OPTIMUS能够集成并自动化用户的多学科仿真分析流程,实现设计-修改-再分析自动化,能应用现代设计方法(包括试验设计、敏感度分析、响应面建模、参数优化、参数识别、可靠性设计、鲁棒性设计)实现综合优化和自动化分析。软件涉及的学科包括几何造型、结构分析、计算流体力学、控制、动力学、冲击碰撞、震动噪声和疲劳等领域。要求能够集成这些学科所涉及到的CAD/CAE商用软件、以及用户自开发的(基于C/C++、Visual Basic、Fortran、Java、以及其他编程语言)的程序代码。

Noesis Optimus 2023.2 SP1 | 596.6 mb

Noesis Solutions a trusted digital engineering partner, announced latest updates to their automation and optimization tool, Optimus. The latest updates include the availability of remote access to interfaces, reducing computational costs with the introduction of Multi-Fidelity Efficient Global Optimizer (MFEGO), and enhances the existing optimization capabilities with easy, fast, and scalable multi-objective optimization algorithm – Multi-Objective Lighthouse algorithm and introduction of nvision interface, an AI-powered surrogate modelling tool by Noesis Solutions.

Key Features of Optimus 2023.2 includes:

– Remote access to interfaces: Optimus 2023.2 introduces remote access to interface functionality, that allows users to remotely control and interact with various 3rd party software tools. This new feature removes the necessity of a physical installation of the interface software on the local host and enables access to these interfaces through a remote system from anywhere. The connection to the remote machine hosting the software installation from Optimus 2023.2 is realized using a Parallel System, that helps orchestrate engineering workflows by transferring the necessary files and packages to the remote machine automatically.
– Multi-Fidelity EGO: Modern engineering design processes are challenged by the need to incorporate data coming from different sources into unique and consistent predictive models. With the introduction of the new Multi-fidelity Efficient Global Optimizer (Multi-Fidelity EGO) in Optimus 2023.2, the users can achieve reduced simulation and analysis costs and simultaneously improve the final design quality. This optimizer will consider simulations with different fidelity levels, adaptively select the sampling location, and improve the accuracy of the optimization while reducing the computational costs.
– Multi-Objective Lighthouse: The Optimus 2023.2 release is introducing the integration of a new multi-objective Lighthouse algorithm, an easy, fast, and scalable multi-objective algorithm, to enhance the existing optimization capabilities of Optimus. In addition to high performance the user benefits from the convenience of an easy setup and the possibility to reuse existing results.
– nvision Interface: Optimus 2023.2 extends the portfolio of interfaces to 3rd party tools with the introduction of a new interface to nvision, an AI-powered surrogate modelling tool by Noesis Solutions. With the nvision interface, Optimus offers direct access to nvision models, which allows the user to integrate real-time predictions into an Optimus workflow instead of running time-consuming simulations.

Optimus, an Automation and Optimization tool by Noesis Solutions, enables users to outsmart competition while taking into account all relevant design constraints – effectively implementing an Objectives Driven Engineering process, and saving time & resources. Optimus bundles a powerful range of capabilities for Engineering Process Integration, Design Space Exploration, Engineering Optimization and Robustness & Reliability.
Optimus 2023.2 brings new features that strengthen Noesis Solutions’ automation and optimization capabilities by reacting to customers’ increasing heterogeneous networks, introducing new optimization solutions targeting reduced computational costs, and improving the access to existing files and results.

Noesis Solutions is a majority-owned subsidiary of Cybernet Systems, a leading provider of multi-domain CAE solutions covering a vast range of engineering problems. Headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, Noesis Solutions operates through a network of subsidiaries and representatives in key locations around the world.

Owner: Noesis Solutions
Product Name: Optimus
Version: 2023.2 SP1 (build 2023.12.15)
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 596.6 mb



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