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ROCKY 是一种通过离散元方法(DEM 或 DEM – 离散元法)模拟颗粒介质的有效软件,使您可以快速、最真实地模拟具有所需特性的散装材料颗粒在任何过程中的流动行为和仪器。ESSS 宣布其强大的离散元建模软件的最新版本 – Rocky DEM 4.5。此版本在解决粒子动力学工程问题方面取得了重大进展,可以更快地解决具有大量粒子的应用程序。Rocky DEM 4.5 还通过与 Ansys 仿真软件的扩展集成,扩展了粒子负载系统的创新可能性,进一步支持客户的数字工程策略。


ROCKY 是最先进的软件,用于模拟散装材料和相关设备的工艺流程。该软件使用离散元法 (DEM),可让您快速准确地计算各种形状和大小的颗粒流在沿着输送线、振动筛、磨机、破碎机和其他类型的加工和运输设备。…

ROCKY is a modern software for modeling processes with bulk materials and related equipment. The software product uses the Discrete Element Method (DEM), which allows you to quickly and accurately calculate the behavior of a stream of particles of various shapes and sizes when moving along conveyor lines, on vibrating screens, in mills, crushers and other types of processing and transport equipment .

The ROCKY software product was created based on 20 years of experience in developing computational techniques using DEM technologies at Granular Dynamics International LLC, a division of Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. Further product development will be carried out within the Brazilian company ESSS. Initially, the development of the product took place in relation to the tasks of mineral processing, with a focus on calculating the movement of particles in cylindrical mills and continuous transport systems. With the release of new versions, the capabilities of ROCKY have expanded significantly, and allow you to perform a wider range of tasks, for example, calculating and visualizing the abrasive wear of work surfaces of equipment, calculating air flows arising from the movement of particles of bulk material during transportation, and much more.

ROCKY differs from other software solutions using the DEM method primarily in the possibilities of using realistic nonspherical particles, simulating their destruction without loss of mass and volume, as well as calculating and visualizing abrasive wear of the working surfaces of equipment elements. Due to the ability to create realistic particle shapes that behave the same as real particles, taking into account various “flow” conditions in ROCKY, one can simulate the operation of almost any installation.

-Efficient computing;
-Double precision calculations (using the corresponding GPU function);
-A wide range of job granulometric composition;
-Non-spherical particles;
-Consideration of the rheology of dry and wet materials;
-Calculation and three-dimensional visualization of abrasive wear of surfaces;
-The task of rotation, translational and vibrational movement of equipment elements;
-Simple import of 3D CAD geometric models, clear definition of the source data and boundary conditions for the calculation;
-Integration with ANSYS finite element solvers;
-Manage the animation of simulation results and create panoramic video reports.

Product: ESSS Rocky DEM
Version: 4.x
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english




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