ARM Development Studio 2022.2 Win/Linux

Arm Development Studio支持从架构探索到实时应用程序开发以及边缘设备编码的所有类型的软件开发项目。 它加快了系统设计和软件开发的速度,使合作伙伴和客户能够更快,更经济地将更高质量的产品推向市场。

ARM Development Studio 2022.2 | 3.9 Gb

ARM has launched the ARM Development Studio 2022.2 is suite of tools for embedded C/C++ software development on any Arm-based platform. Building on over 25 years of experience, Development Studio incorporates many of the best features of previous tool generations, unifying the development flow in a single, easy to use environment.

Arm Development Studio is a professional software development solution for bare-metal embedded systems and Linux-based systems. Arm Development Studio supports all types of software development projects from architecture exploration to the development of real-time applications and coding for edge devices. It accelerates system design and software development enabling you to get higher quality products to market faster and cost-effectively.

Arm provides a unified software toolchain for frictionless and fast developer experience. Watch this video to learn how to get started today to port optimized ML code for the Arm microcontrollers. In this session, we will cover:
– How to develop and debug your software with Arm Development Studio
– How to get started with MCU software development on Arm Fast Model Systems
– How to build and deploy an ML application with TensorFlow Lite and CMSIS-NN kernels to a Cortex-M7 device
– How to migrate your ML code to Arm Cortex-M55, Arm’s most AI-capable Cortex-M processor.

Arm technology is at the heart of a computing and data revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate. Our energy-efficient processor designs and software platforms have enabled advanced computing in more than 200 billion chips and our technologies securely power products from the sensor to the smartphone and the supercomputer. Together with 1,000+ technology partners we are at the forefront of designing, securing and managing all areas of AI-enhanced connected compute from the chip to the cloud.

Product: ARM Development Studio
Version: 2022.2 (202220912) Gold Edition *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows or Linux **
Size: 3.9 Gb

* The Gold Edition is a fully comprehensive toolchain for all software development projects on any Arm CPU and architecture, including Armv8 processors.





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