OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition 2022 Release 1

OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition 2022 Release 1 | 7.4 Gb

The OpenBuildings development team is pleased to announce the availability of OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition 2022 Release 1 ( is a CONNECT implementation of rail design product line that consolidates Bentley Rail Track, Bentley Rail Track Suite, PowerRail Track into OpenRail Designer.

OpenRail Designer 2022 R1 ( what’s new
This release is considered a “major” version:

– Data created with 2022 R 1 will need to be downgraded in order to be opened with a previous release.
– It can be installed side-by-side with previous versions.


OpenRail Designer is an all-in-one application that handles a wide variety of complex tasks such as yard/station design, tunnels, corridor modeling, turnout and switch placement, overhead line electrification, site development, sanitary and stormwater network design, subsurface utilities, and production of construction staking reports. You can configure the application to support a wide range of international standards providing you the flexibility and control necessary to deal with real-life design scenarios on global rail infrastructure projects. The application adapts to virtually any rail design and maintenance workflow and is suitable for light rail, metros (transit) heavy rail, high-speed rail, and MAG_LEV projects.

Bentley Systems is a software development company that supports the professional needs of those responsible for creating and managing the world’s infrastructure.

Product: OpenRail Designer
Version: CONNECT Edition 2022 Release 1 (
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 7.4 Gb






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