PLAXIS LE CONNECT Edition V21 Update 7

PLAXIS LE CONNECT Edition V21 Update 7 | 1.1 Gb

The PLAXIS development team is pleased to announce the availability of PLAXIS LE CONNECT Edition V21 Update 7 ( This software helps you efficiently manage complex geotechnical projects with multiple scenarios.

New in PLAXIS LE 2D/3D CONNECT Edition V21 Update 7 – Release: September 2022

User requests
The following user requests have been incorporated in this release:
– [884054] Added OBJ Export of model volumes to PLAXIS LE Input view and added File Per Volume and Single File options.
– [976443] Upgraded to latest meshing library to improve performance and stability.
Fixed issues
A large number of issues have been addressed, including:
– [889281] LEM – Fixed a case when a model had both geotextile supports and another support type, such as tiebacks, where the geotextile force display values in results view were shown for the other support types.
– [956814] LEM – Fixed crash that was occurring after editing multiple material properties using a dialog with an embedded graph.
– [966716] LEM – Hid the unsupported import option for other shear strength data for the Anisotropic Function material properties dialog that is available for the ALM materials.
– [964335] PLAXIS Designer – Improved results of Project Onto Surface and Align Mesh operations for addressing pinchout zones.
– [987965] PLAXIS Designer – Fixed DXF Export option to export all selected polygons instead of just the first.
– [958748] Consolidation – Removed warning about near misses displayed incorrectly in some 1D Consolidation models.
– [444256] Some graphs were displaying scientific notation instead of having the axis number format set based on the data range.

PLAXIS LE can be used for projects involving engineering analysis of slope stability, groundwater flow, consolidation, or a combination of these complex scenarios.
PLAXIS 2D LE (formerly 2D SVSLOPE, 2D SVFLUX, 2D SVSOLID, SV SOILS, and SVSOILS Advanced) covers your 2D workflows.
PLAXIS 3D LE (formerly 2D/3D SVSLOPE, 2D/3D SVSLOPE Advanced, 2D/3D SVFLUX, 2D/3D SVSOLID, and 2D/3D SVSOLID Advanced) supports your 3D workflows.

With PLAXIS LE, users can reliably complete numerous limit-equilibrium slope stability models with intuitive workflows and fast analysis. Advance your digital workflows with the ability to design 3D geometry and analyze both 2D and 3D scenarios in a single application. Efficiently represent materials spatially with various methods, and use the SOILVISION Soils Database for resourceful material management.

Bentley Systems is a software development company that supports the professional needs of those responsible for creating and managing the world’s infrastructure.

Product: PLAXIS LE
Version: CONNECT Edition V21 Update 7 (
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 1.1 Gb





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