Geomagic Control X 2022.1.0.70 x64

Geomagic® Control X 是一款专业的 3D 质量控制与尺寸检查软件,可让您捕获和处理来自 3D 扫描仪和其他便携式设备的数据,以测量、了解和交流检测结果,从而确保各个位置的质量。

并非只有计量专家从事检测工作。Geomagic Control X 让每个人在任何地方都能更快速、更频繁、更全面地测量、了解零件并作出有关决策。

  • 确保各种位置的质量。借助可轻松捕获和解读扫描数据的软件,在更多地方、为更多人群提供基于三维扫描的检测功能。
  • 获得不仅限于合格/失败结论的更深入见解。扫描零件以捕获更多信息,并利用丰富的数据来了解零件是在公差范围之内还是之外。
  • 优化制造流程。通过将扫描零件与 CAD 模型或原版零件进行比较获得的见解,更快地发现并解决问题。

File size: 2.7 GB

Bring the power of 3D scan-based inspection to more people in more places with industry-leading 3D metrology software that makes it easy to capture and interpret scan data.

Why Geomagic Control X?
– Easy to learn. Anyone can get results with little or no training.
– Fast and easy to use. Handle huge data sets quickly and easily with scan-native algorithms built on a CAD kernel.
– Complete solution. Get all the tools you need for professional-level inspection.
– Compatible with all 3D scanners. Work with any 3D scanner or PCMM arm.

What is Geomagic Control X?
Geomagic® Control X™ is a professional 3D quality control and dimensional inspection software that lets you capture and process the data from 3D scanners and other portable devices to measure, understand, and communicate inspection results to ensure quality everywhere.

Inspection isn’t just for metrology specialists. Geomagic Control X empowers everyone to measure, understand, and make decisions about their parts faster, more often, and more completely—from anywhere.

– Ensure quality everywhere. Bring the power of 3D scan-based inspection to more people in more places with software that makes it easy to both capture and interpret scan data.
– Gain deeper insights beyond pass/fail. Scan parts to capture more information and leverage rich data to understand why parts are in or out of tolerance.
– Optimize manufacturing processes. Recognize and address issues faster with insights gained from comparing scanned parts to CAD models or golden parts.

What Can You Do with Geomagic Control X?
Geomagic Control X includes features to help you ensure quality for each stage of your manufacturing workflow including designing, manufacturing, inspecting, and maintaining.

– Design for manufacturability.
– Find and fix problems.

– Identify and resolve manufacturing and assembly issues.
– Eliminate costly scrap and rework.

– Solve your toughest measurement problems.
– Improve quality documentation.
– Reduce quality control bottlenecks.

– Assess damage, deformation, or wear accurately and consist






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