FTI FormingSuite 2021.1.0 (33052.0)

世界领先的软件设计.仿真开发和成本优化.钣金分析 FTI 公司,宣布FormingSuite 2021全球发行。

对汽车零部件企业,在钣金冲压件分析和成本优化方面有一套世界领先的软件解决方案——来自加拿大的FTI(Forming Technologies Intanc),世界领先的冲压成形性分析和成本计算软件。
成立于1989年的加拿大成形技术公司(FTI)是世界领先的钣金软件解决方案的供应商,FTI 所开发的Forming Suite软件主要应用于钣金设计、可行性分析和钣金零部件成本计算。FTI软件每年都在不断的进行更新,目前FTI6.0版在原来软件的基础上增加了新的功能,如级进模排样等。在过去的18年里,FTI为汽车、航空航天、电子及器械等工业领域的OEM厂商和供应商提供了创新的解决方案, 大大缩短了开发时间和节省了材料成本。
除了优秀的产品,FTI还提供了国际一流的冲压成形、模具设计和焊接培训教程,经其培训的认证工程师超过12000名。FTI 通过全球代理网络提供销售和技术服务。

FTI FormingSuite 2021.1.0 (33052.0) | 399.0 mb

The Forming Technologies (FTI), part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, is pleased to announce the availability of FormingSuite 2021.1.0 (33052.0) is premier software package for sheet metal forming. OEMs and suppliers worldwide use Formingsuite to optimize the design, feasibility and costing of sheet metal components.

FormingSuite is a user friendly combination one-step, implicit, and explicit incremental analysis solution that provides a complete virtual die develop-ment and tryout for tool and die makers. It requires no FEA background. It offers many advanced features such as automatic blank shape, and location, automatic process setup and automatic binder closing and wrap.

FormingSuite 2021 introduce 3D addendum creation and the detailed feature length method for cost estimation of Line Dies (Transfer and Tandem dies). These features will help improve cost estimation accuracy for deep drawn components by accurately representing the drawn shell coming from the draw die. This gives cost engineers confidence in their estimates for blank size and weight in the early planning stage as well as giving more details needed for precise process planning.

Trim line development tools have been implemented to accurately unfold flanges, hems, and extrusions onto the 3D Addendum geometry. This allows design, process, and manufacturing engineers to evaluate trim conditions and determine for each point on the trim curve if it’s possible to trim in the given die tip direction.

Fast and accurate speed-of-use enhancements have been added to reduce effort and time when creating a process plan. These enhancements include symmetry options for multiple functions. FormingSuite 2021 also improves stamping feature recognition, process generation, process validation, simplifies process editing and produces better-quality reports.

Forming Technologies (FTI), part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, provides computer-aided engineering software to optimise the design for manufacturing, material utilisation and cost of sheet metal components. Learn more at forming.com. Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division provides solutions that utilise data from design and engineering, production and metrology to make manufacturing smarter.
Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions. We are putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, and quality across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, safety, and mobility applications.

Product: FTI FormingSuite
Version: 2021.1.0 (33052.0)
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: multilanguage
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 399.0 mb





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